How to Survive an Encounter With America’s Most Dangerous Creatures [STEP-BY-STEP]

Do you know what to do when you cross paths with a black bear? A grizzly bear? How about a hungry mountain lion? You’re supposed to stare directly into a wolf’s eyes to assert dominance, right? Or was that for coyotes? Hmm… If you’re like most Americans, you have way more questions than answers when it comes to facing a touch-and-go encounter with dangerous predators in the backcountry. And truth be told, the best practices you need to follow change dramatically from predator to predator, and species to species. Black bears require a totally different approach than you’d use with […]

These Animals Are Most Likely to Kill You [CHART]

Why do we enjoy dangerous animals so much? It’s hard to say… Perhaps it’s the survival aspect that makes venomous snakes, bears, and cougars so darned interesting to us, but it’s plainly evident that both we and our readers are keenly interested in dangerous animals. Here’s proof: RELATED: Coyote Faces Off With Bobcat in Park [VIDEO] RELATED: How to Survive a Bear Attack [VIDEO] RELATED: How to Identify Venomous North American Snakes [PICS] RELATED: Will a Bite From This Spider Kill You? [VIDEO] Many would say we’re simply morbid or paranoid, but here at The Patriot Caller, we prefer to believe we’re […]