10 Reasons a Bandana Must be Part of Your EDC Kit

Thanks to Hollywood, armed robberies, and inner-city gang culture, bandanas have gotten kind of a bad rap… That’s a shame, because they’re the Swiss Army knife of survival attire. Most people don’t know how valuable this $1 item can be. It might even save your live some day, but only if you know how to use your bandana properly. Bandanas can be used in all kinds of weird and innovative ways, and this makes them a must for every pepper’s EDC kit. After all, it is imperative to allocate space to items that are extremely useful, so it just makes […]

25 Survival Uses For Paracord: What Did I Miss?

If you’ve been to a gun show or outdoor expo recently, then you probably noticed that tons of guides and experts were wearing bracelets made from a thin piece of rope, AKA “paracord.” Paracord, in case you’re not aware, is an extremely strong form of nylon rope designed for parachutes — hence the name. These bracelets are actually more than just a fashion statement. When unwound, these bracelets are a powerful survival resource. Because they were designed to be used in life-or-death situations (parachutes) you can count on these cords being super strong. These paracord bracelets, keychains, and necklaces (you can find them for sale in […]

3 Storm Preparedness Items Everyone Should Own

As I read through the comments to yesterday blog post, “Are You Evacuation Ready?” I noticed a question about which specific items I recommend. Immediately, I went into my supply room to check what was in my bug-out bag, which weather radio I own, which walkie-talkies I have in my safe room, and even which first aid kit I have. To be completely honest, I have little attachment to most of the items in my “just in case” crisis inventory. The reason for that is mostly because I never really use these items on a day-to-day basis. It’s a lot […]