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The Prepper’s Guide to Zika Prevention

Shocking as it may seem, mosquitoes are the most deadly thing in nature. They claim the lives of more than 1 million people every year, and this number appears likely to shoot even higher in the near future. And the Zika virus is just the latest in a long list of infectious diseases that can be passed from mosquitoes to humans… RELATED: These Animals Are Most Likely to Kill You [CHART] However, the Zika virus is particularly alarming, given the devastating birth defects this virus is know known to cause on the babies of infected mothers. For many families within […]

8 Essential Oil Uses for Preppers [DIY REMEDIES]

Essential oils are naturally occurring, and they are usually obtained through the distillation process from flowers and other sources. The result is an oil that has the fragrance of the source it has been extracted from, and each of these oils has been found to offer different benefits. For example, some oils are good for relieving pain, while others are more helpful at calming anxiety. Learning how to properly use essential oils is very important for preppers. After all, as long as the flowers and other plants that these oils are extracted from are still available, you will be able […]

6 Alternative Uses for Tea Tree Oil

The legend of tea tree oil or the oil produced from the Melaleuca Alternofolia, has been passed down for thousands of years by the native indigenous aborigines of Australia.  It is only recently that the healing benefits of Tea Tree Oil have been catching on outside of the Aboriginal communities and  is being hailed as a miracle. Today, many homeowners are searching for more “all natural” products  in their every day lives, and the  solutions and  health benefits of tea tree oil are once again being recognized.  The report below illustrates some of the ways Tea Tree Oil is being […]