Top 9 Crops for Small Space “Micro Farmers” [GUIDE]

  Do you have a farmer’s spirit, but a city-dweller’s acreage… er, square footage? Something as simple as choosing the right fruits and veggies can make a massive difference in how much you can produce. Even if an apartment or a duplex, you can still grow enough delicious fruit and vegetables to offset a significant chunk of (if not most of) your produce budget. There are actually many ways for you to develop a robust garden filled with food. For example, you can turn your balcony or patio into a container garden that’s filled with goodies. Some plants can also be grown indoors. […]

3 Key Survival Skills From ‘The Revenant’

Who says that movies are just entertainment? “The Revenant” is much more than just the movie that might enable Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win an Academy Award. In fact, this blockbuster film offers important insights into what the world used to be like before we had modern conveniences such as the Internet, electricity and easy access to supermarkets and building supplies. In other words, preppers can learn a lot by paying attention to the horrific situations that the character Hugh Glass endures. Don’t worry if you aren’t in a rush to see “The Revenant,” though, because we have compiled a few […]

How to Create Your Own Hanging Plant Garden [Step-by-Step]

Ready-made hanging plants are products that come with the necessary pot and hanger, along with the plant itself. These are perfect for hanging from any hooks you have available on the exterior or interior of your house, but what if you have limited space or want a more uniform appearance? There are numerous DIY hanging plant garden ideas that can help you get the most out of plants that are either pre-potted or transplanted into attractive containers. To assist you with the process, we have compiled instructions for two simplistic and inexpensive options. Image by Suzette –, via Flickr