How to Treat Drinking Water With a Common Household Item [TABLE]

Water storage is a cornerstone of any preparedness plan, but it’s not as simple as pumping water into a tank and screwing on the cap. In fact, many homemade water treatment systems actually make water quality worse than it was before it was treated… hard to believe but true. One reason for this is that water treatment and filtration systems can create a false sense of security. Then, when it comes time to drink the stored water, it’s easy to ignore the need for testing, especially since you “treated and filtered” it prior to storage. The longer your water sits […]

5 Tips for Small Space Preppers

We can’t all live on a self-sufficient ranch in the foothills of Montana. And truth be told, most of us really don’t want to… despite our romanticized impressions of living in out “in nature.” There’s an awful lot to be said for living within a reasonable driving distance of a doctor’s office, grocery store, movie theater, etc. The truth is, not everyone is cut out for living in isolation, no matter how beautiful the views are. And that’s OKAY. Don’t think you can’t practice self-reliance because you live in a small apartment or condo or even a zero-lot line home […]

[REALITY CHECK] How Much Water Do You Really Need?

We’ve all heard the vague statistics about how much water we use each day, or how much we should drink, or even how much we should keep on hand for emergencies. Rarely do we question these numbers, because we never really have to… Unless a chemical spill contaminates a major waterway that serves an entire region of the country, leading officials to issue a historic water ban that last for over 5 days…┬álike what occurred this week in West Virginia. Over 300,000 residents in and around the state’s┬ácapital, Charleston, we’re suddenly told not to drink, touch, bath in, or even […]