7 Tornado Survival Tips to Remember

outage 112. ID Nearby Strongholds

In the event that you do live in a mobile home or you’re in your car during a tornado, it critical that you get to a sturdy building immediately.  Malls, churches, movie theaters, and retail stores are all better options that your car or a mobile home.

If you do live in a mobile home, identify the nearest locations where you can seek refuge once a Tornado Watch has been issued. That way, you’re already in a safe place and ready to take shelter before an actual tornado has been spotted.

The same tips apply to those caught on the road during a severe storm. As soon as you’ve determined that a tornado is likely, it’s time to exit the highway and find a safer place to ride out the storm. Even a convenience store with a walk in freezer will be immensely safer than a vehicle during a tornado.

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