8 of the Best Air Pistols [Under $100]

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NEWBerettaAirPistolWe’ve written before about the many reasons you should have at least one air powered gun in your arsenal. For starters, these weapons are way quieter than traditional firearms, and this can help you do two things we really, really like: Shoot more often AND avoid issues with your neighbors. Of course, these two factors work well in tandem.

Additionally, the noise reduction factor is a nice perk when you are hunting. Even better is the fact that these guns and their pellets or BBs are typically much more budget friendly than any other option. All of these benefits apply to air guns in general, but what are the arguments for air pistols specifically?

The answer, in a word, is: Training.

Some of the best shooters in the world work on their grip techniques even when they’re not at the range. Many use blue plastic replicas, Jerry Miculek for example (see the nearby video). But why not use a replica that actually shoots?

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Air powered pistols have come a long way in terms of accuracy, dependability and power. But there’s another thing that’s driving many shooters to the world of air pistols.

Popular handgun manufacturers have caught on to the idea that many of their faithful would like to own a replica for training/everyday use. Some of these replicas are extremely faithful to the original version, making them a nice training tool that suburbanites can practice their grip technique in the comfort of their own backyards.

Therefore, we have looked through a wide variety of options and reviews to assemble a list of some of the very best air pistols that retail for less than $100.

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