7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

When it comes to self-defense, there’s a reason that the police, secret service, military police and FBI all carry sidearms. Firearms are the overwhelming favorite among security professionals as well they should be. Unfortunately, civilians aren’t always offered the same access to self-defense tools that government officials are given. Even with the Second Amendment enshrined in the US Constitution, some cities virtually prohibit the possession of firearms within their jurisdiction. Likewise, many states have laws the oppose carrying firearms. If you happen to live in one of these cities or states (often both), you may need to be innovative in […]

The 30 Cents a Day Space Heater [VIDEO]

Every so often, we come across an amazingly innovative, money-saving design that we just have to share. This DIY room heater is one of them. Resourceful contraptions like the one we’re going to show you how to build in this article could benefit you in an emergency power outage, sure But it could also keep you warm today… while you’re sitting at your computer. RELATED: 11 Ways to Stay Warmer This Winter Without Raising Your Heating Bill Maybe you work in a poorly insulated room, like a garage or attic conversion, and you just want a way to keep your […]

Dealing with Broken Bones and Dislocated Joints after the SHTF

Broken bones and dislocated joints are severely painful, and failure to properly set them can lead to problems for the rest of your life. In short, this class of injury qualifies in every single way as an “emergency.” Here’s the thing many of us know firsthand from experience: Not being able to help a friend, family member, or child in this type of emergency is almost as painful as the injury itself. That’s exactly the feeling of helplessness we’re seeking to eradicate with this article. During a normal situation, it is always best to go to the emergency room for […]

How to Properly Siphon Gas during an Emergency

Gas will quickly become one of the most important commodities in a SHTF crisis. Unfortunately, it will also be one of the scarcest. The gas stations that do have fuel will have unimaginably long lines, until their tanks go dry. The best way to avoid a calamity is to keep your tank over halfway full at all times. Even in this scenario, however, you may not have enough fuel to evacuate. In the movies, siphoning gas out of a car’s fuel tank looks like good old-fashioned fun. In the real world, it’s nasty, dirty, dangerous business. RELATED: You’ll Never Guss What […]

DIY Camouflage: How to Hide Everything from Your Rifle to Your Rain Barrels

Camouflage is a great way to stay hidden, and this is why everyone from soldiers to hunters take advantage of this technique. However, it can be used to hide much more than just you and your weapons. In fact, when the SHTF, it will be just as important to camouflage your rain water collection barrels as it is to be able to blend in with your surroundings while you are tracking dinner. RELATED: 10 SNEAKY Place to Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight After all, if you have anything worthwhile stored outside, you can bet that eventually someone will stumble upon […]

8 of the Best Air Pistols [Under $100]

We’ve written before about the many reasons you should have at least one air powered gun in your arsenal. For starters, these pisotls are way quieter than traditional firearms, and this can help you do two things we really, really like: Shoot more often AND avoid issues with your neighbors. Of course, these two factors work well in tandem. Additionally, the noise reduction factor is a nice perk when you are hunting. Even better is the fact that these guns and their pellets or BBs are typically much more budget friendly than any other option. All of these benefits apply to air guns […]

5 Techniques to Build Mental Toughness Like a Secret Agent

Secret agents get a lot of credit for being mentally tough. And for good reason. And while they may have been recruited to this mentally taxing type or work because of their aptitude for thinking under pressure, you’re crazy if you don’t think there wasn’t some intense training involved. Contrary to popular belief, icy nerves of steel in a crisis aren’t simply innate. Mental toughness is a skill that can be learned and enhanced through mental exercises. When the chips are down, the professionals rely on their training more than ever to give them an edge over those without it. […]

How to Protect Your Family from a Flint Scenario [STEP-BY-STEP]

Thanks to a growing awareness, better access to testing equipment, and several high-profile contamination disasters, it’s become abundantly clear that the only agency that’s truly capable of ensuring your family’s water quality is the Department of Yourself. The latest incident to highlight the need for more vigilance is the lead poisoning scandal unfolding in Flint, Michigan. In the case of Flint, a perfect storm of ineptitude, recklessness, and willful ignorance from officials at the local, state, and federal (EPA) level exposed citizens to toxic water for well over a year. Perhaps most horrifying, the contamination was largely discovered after a pediatrician discovered high […]