The 30 Cents a Day Space Heater [VIDEO]

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Every so often, we come across an amazingly innovative, money-saving design that we just have to share. This DIY room heater is one of them.

Resourceful contraptions like the one we’re going to show you how to build in this article could benefit you in an emergency power outage, sure

But it could also keep you warm today… while you’re sitting at your computer.

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Maybe you work in a poorly insulated room, like a garage or attic conversion, and you just want a way to keep your hands warm. Well, you’re in luck.

You probably already have most of the necessary materials for this heater sitting around your house. If not, a quick trip to the nearest hardware store should get you there.

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I found ,the best way for instant heat & a good flame- light a match, bend over and FART!
Black beans work best.

Tried it, believe me, it doesn’t add any more heat than just the candles themselves, and, how much are you willing to spend o. Candles every 4 hours?

Toilet Paper

Q.—What is TP?

Remember that the houses were not as tight as they are now. Allow fresh air to get inside and or get a carbon monoxide detector and extra batteries for it.


thanks for the info.,people

I have seen more complicated flower pot and tea light candle heaters but I like this one a lot better. Thank You for sharing

I have been using that in a metal paint can in my deer stand when it gets real cold. It works very well.

Susan, I know how you feel. I will be fifty soon. My younger sister and me are ready to prepare but we are not married so very limited money. She has four boys and no help with them from dad. My mom has money but she doesn’t believe anything is going to happen. she even has a cellar that has nothing worth having in it. I’m starting to think it’s time to take care of that cellar with or without her. We know of another abandon but above ground cellar too. I say mainly just have a bag on wheels packed and check out these helpful hints for heat. First aide is very simple. just don’t panic. Buy thermal underware and hopefully you believe in prayer. He promises to be with us. Probably not America because as a nation it has turned it’s back on God but if you belong to Him pray and He will be there even if not til the nic of time:}

I worked for a Lame A** Cable Construction Company back in the late 80’s. They bought a used fleet of Bell South Bucket Trucks. If anyone lives in the south, it got cold and we had one hell of a ice storm. Half the bucket trucks didn’t have heaters. It was south of Nashville, Tn. Now we do some pretty Red Neck things down here, this guy who was running the show didn’t want to hear us Tough Linemen whining about the cold in the Bucket Trucks so he came up with this idea to heat the cabs up while we were parked. Empty metal coffee can, roll of TP and bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol. Pure the rubbing alcohol in coffee can with one role of TP. Light and bingo instant heater. We were all very surprised how much heat it put out in the cab. It would burn most of the work day. Not even burning the TP.

What’s up, I read уour blog on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is witty, keep
up the good work!

Lou, You are correct about the heat, however have you ever noticed in a propane heater that they put ceramic elements in them? The flame only gives out a certain amount of heat, however there is a reason for it. This unit, will not really begin to give off heat, until the inner pot has warmed up. Then it releases it as a steady rate. The air convection between the pots does not really start, until it is warmer then the air in the surrounding area. Without the pots, the heat from each candle is dissipated a very low rate, and is cooled quicker. With the pots, the heat from all 4 candles is combined into a single heat source, (the inner pot) and is radiated into the convection area (between the pots) at a much more steady rate. it is true, that it will not put out more heat then the candles, however it puts out he heat of ALL 4 candles at the same time to over come the chilling factor of the area. My recommendation, is to do this in 2 rooms, one with just the 4 candles and one with the pots. See which room takes on a difference first. and by the time the candles have burned for about 2 hours, what the temp in both rooms are. I will not say how warm either will get, but there is no doubt in my mind, as to what the differences will be.

No it’s not. If you wanted radiant heat you’d leave off the second flowerpot. The point of the heater is the warm air coming out of the top, which is convection heating, not radiant.

And yes, you’d get just as much convection heat directly from the candles, without the pots.

John Simmons says:

I know about the larger ones but they don’t fit in a backpack. I plan on getting one of the big ones in the future. This is about getting things done in an emergency, portability is important.

My concern is also the heavy metals in the paraffin wax. The EPA has a page warning of the indoor air pollution resulting
from these types of candles. Safer and better to use bees wax candles or soy bean oil.

The Patriot Caller says:

Well, Jim, you could generate the same amount of heat by burning the candles outdoors… but the heat would dissipate and wouldn’t really warm you up. Radiant heating is the goal with this contraption.

Really? you realize that you get the same amount of heat by just burning the candles without the flower pots.


shocking to me that something so simple can work. putting this in my favorites for future use, if ever needed. thanks

Oli Fischer says:

Tea lights are those tiny, cheap candles that come in a ring of aluminum. 🙂

David Rice says:

Ok, now, someone tell me what a tea light is

Matt Grzesiakowski says:

imagine if instead of that eight and a half by 11, you had a 40 to 50 to 60 inch diagonal piece of that stu? it is calleda fresnel lense. I have dozens of them. go on YouTube and look upBest fresnel lens. if you think that eight and a half by 11 something this thing can generate up to 3800degrees. that little eight and a half by 11 is like a BB gun compared to these with you would be like grenades. Lol you don’t need to imagine theuses you will see them on YouTube. you can build your own frame and use these to cook with boil water purify water. you can even melt glass. If (when) the SHTF you will want one of these for eat, for cooking, but you’re a fine water, the uses are endless

Awesome idea, John. I will be trying that this weekend.

DesertRat says:

If you will recall in the “good old days” the only way folks has to illuminate their homes was with candles. They burned them by the boat load. As far as I recall none of them died as a result. On the other hand, if you use regular charcoal to heat with you get lots of CO (carbon monoxide) which can be very deadly.

John Simmons says:

That is a good trick to get heat. I have another one. Go to a store like Staples and buy a page magnifier. It is a magnifying glass 8 1/2 X 11″ . Build a frame around it with an adjustable base. Find the focal point and place a terracotta pot, in a pan, at that point. You should place it on a non combustible stand. also water could be used in the pan. To find the distance for the focal point I used a cereal box, after about 10 to 15 seconds it had burned a hole in the box. It also makes a quick fire starter. Tomorrow, I am going to try to boil water with this. There could be many uses for this, just use your imagination. John

what about monoxide/oxygen problem? As things burn, they consume oxygen and give off monoxide and other bad fumes. Any advice on this as far as size of room/ventilation go?

Susan Hill says:

Ok, lets hear it/them. I’m very frightened about this country going the way of Rome.They never learn. History repeating it self. So sad. I live with friends and they aren’t aware of what’s going to happen soon. It’s difficult to prepare for something when they don’t understand. The man is the one who could set up enough large drums for water. Lack of water is the one thing I’m most afraid of. Sorry, I’m rambling. Have a great day and God bless you and yours for all you do. Sudan