9 Deer Hunting Myths That You Probably Fell For!


Whenever you combine sport, chance, and fanaticism, you end up with a recipe for massive and hard to debunk superstitions that are passed down generation to generation.

In no area of life is this any more true that when it comes to deer hunting.

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From strange beliefs about deer having nearly supernatural senses, to astrology, to plain old misinformation, hunting lore is chock full of some laughable whoppers. However, the more you try to gain an edge and improve your odds, the more likely it is that you’ll buy into some of the mythology, even the ridiculous stuff.

Still, there are plenty of myths that at least sound perfectly reasonable on the surface, yet they’re actually totally false. Like any good rumor, however, these ideas are hard to dispel… and even harder to contain.

If you want relief from these often burdensome superstitions, good news! We’re going to help you get rid of some of the most useless rituals most lesser-informed hunters undergo every time they take the field.

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