9 Deer Hunting Myths That You Probably Fell For!

Shooting Will Scare Deer Away

junie-packYou may have firsthand experience with this one that cuts against what seems like the most obvious “don’t” in the hunting playbook: Extremely loud gunshot noises can’t be good for hunting. Surely, the sound of gunshots will cause deer to move to a neighboring property.

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Once again, this one fall flat under a thorough investigation. Yes, deer will run initiatively after the loud muzzle blast, but they’re not bugging out of their home range and heading for unfamiliar territory. If you sit still and quiet, the deer may even come back minutes later.

Most experienced hunters have seen this first hand. After firing a shot, all the deer in your area retreat into cover seemingly to never be seen again. Then, not 5 minutes later, they’re back to grazing.

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