5 Flashlights That Will Make Your Buddies Jealous [PICS]

Every hunter, prepper, and tactical shooting enthusiast needs to have a high-quality flashlight in his arsenal. Heck, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep at least two good light sources you can depend on charged and ready at all times. You never know when you are going to need a good light source, and being able to quickly illuminate the area could save your life. Although you could go to a dollar store and pick up a cheap flashlight, this isn’t the one you want to take into the backcountry. Instead, you will want to invest in a high quality flashlight that […]

Meet the Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate Bug-Out Vehicle? [VIDEO]

This Land Rover camper-conversion by Alu-Cab (Codename: Icarus) caught our eye, not simply because it looks like it could survive a fall from the top of Mt. Everest, but because it’s the first Land Rover we’ve seen that can comfortably accommodate sleeping humans. If you’re into short wheel base 4×4 vehicles you know just how rare that is… The rooftop tent with a built in bed takes less than 20 seconds to set up or take down. And as you can see, it’s pretty dang spacious for what it is. In addition, it has two built-in (dust-proof) side compartments: One […]

Get Home Bag Vs. Bug-Out Bag [Urban Survival]

x You’ve heard of the “bug-out bag,” the “go bag,” and the “72-hour bag.” Lately, I’ve noticed an uptick in chatter regarding about something called the “Get Home Bag.” Seriously, how many bags is a guy (or gal) supposed to have? Sheesh. Not to mention, if you’re going to keep weapons in each of these bags, that’s a lot to keep track of… Not to paint with too broad a brush, but I’m guessing that you’re not the type of person with 12 different pair of black dress shoes, one for each nuanced occasion. But that doesn’t mean you should […]

12 Alternative Uses for Baking Soda

We all know that baking soda keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh, and that it (combined with vinegar) is the driving force behind many a science fair volcano demonstration… But there are literally dozens of other practical applications for this hyper-useful powder beyond baking and science projects. In fact, baking soda is right up there with duct tape and WD40 when it comes to getting you out of a bind. Whether you’re into learning new ways to repurpose household items, or you just prefer to live by the Boy Scout motto, “always be prepared,” here are 12 reasons you should keep a […]

[VIDEO] Amazing Belt-fed .22 Will Blow Your Mind (and 100 Rounds in 12 seconds)

As much fun as it would be to shoot a fully automatic rifle… when you stop to think about ammo prices (not to mention all the legal paperwork), it’s hard to imagine fully enjoying burning through hundreds of dollars in ammunition in 60 seconds flat. Just about the only ammo inexpensive enough to burn up this freely is, drumroll please, the mighty .22lr! RELATED: [VIDEO] Redneck Rocket Launcher Watch as this woman rips through 100 rounds in a matter of seconds. This looks like some serious fun!

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Top 5 Tactical Flashlights for “Everyday Carry” [95% OFF]

When push comes to shove, it’s nice to be well armed… For many of us, however, carrying a firearm 24/7 is simply not realistic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be armed and dangerous as you go about your day. Many so-called “non-lethal” weapons can take down an attacker very effectively… and you can carry them with you into any store or business in America. One of the most practical and effective of these is an ultra bright tactical flashlight, design to “flash and smash” opponents. In short, a simple flash in the eyes with one of these high-lumens LEDs […]

The Innovative Leatherman Tread Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Remember when the Leatherman multitool emerged… and pretty much redefined what it means for a tool to be “handy,” changing the lives of anyone who enjoys wearing small leather holsters on their belts? Well, Leatherman may be on to something almost as groundbreaking as that famous multitool. This 25-in-one piece of hardware belongs to the next generation of multitool. Instead of wearing it next to your cellphone on your belt, this tool lives on your wrist. It’s a bracelet, yes, but to make it sound more utilitarian/masculine, Leatherman opted to call it “Tread.” What looks like a clunky fashion accessories doubles […]

Bang for Your Buck: 11 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget

When it comes to self-defense, the vast majority of military and tactical experts choose to carry a sidearm, rather than a shotgun or rifle. Semi-automatic pistols, in specific, are hands down winner when you put it to vote. And the reasons are simple. Semi-auto pistols offer a great deal of tactical advantages over other firearms. They’re lighter, more compact, and they hold plenty of ammo. For these reasons, they make a much more practical “everyday carry” than a pump shotgun or even a Colt revolver. Plus, there’s just something really nice about squeezing off a few rounds through a semi-auto. […]

5 Best Axes Under $50

Six million people have watched the video below, featuring some guy swinging an overpriced, state-of-the-art splitting axe to turn a tire filled with logs into perfectly split matchstick kindling… It’s like a Home Shopping Network advertisement for a new kitchen tool that turns a potatoes into perfect french fries in seconds. The rub is that this “magic axe” can be yours, for one easy payment of… $350. I can almost see your eyes roll… At best, we can only assume that the folks watching this video with eyes bulging (wondering why they haven’t seen this in the Brookstone catalog) are […]

The Top 17 Must-Have Items in Your First-Aid Kit

Most of us gloss over how important our health is, until we become ill… Then it becomes painfully obvious that, without our health, little else really matters. In a emergency situation, the premium we place on health is even higher. Access to medical care may be severely limited. If your plans include a remote location, the trip to the ER may simply take too long. In either case, you’ll need to become competent in dealing with minor emergencies. In order to do this, you’ll need a medicine kit with the proper tools. Here are the 17 most crucial items to keep […]