DIY Camouflage: How to Hide Everything from Your Rifle to Your Rain Barrels

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1. How to Camouflage Your Rifle

Camouflaging your rifle is a relatively simple process that will only cost you approximately $20.

1. Remove any ammo and take off all of the accessories (lasers, scopes, tac-lights, etc.).

2. If you’re using a bolt action rifle, you should remove the bolt assembly. It’s also a good idea to remove the barrel/breech from the stock.

3. Choose the right spray paint colors for your intended environment. For the woods, it’s wise to go with a khaki base, followed by a brown second layer and deep green for the foliage pattern.

4. Tape off everything that shouldn’t get paint on it. You can use ear plugs as barrel stoppers. Be sure to tape off the trigger assembly.

5. Hang the gun upside-down with bailing wire.

6. Apply four base coats to everything that hasn’t been taped off or removed.

7. Find free stencils online for sticks, branches and leaves.

8. Apply the sticks and branches with brown spray paint. Spread them out so that it looks natural. Next, lightly fog everything with the brown paint.

9. Approximately 15 minutes later, you can apply the leaf stencils with the green spray paint. Again, spread them out to avoid clusters.

10. If you’d like, you can use colored pencils and sharpies an hour later to fill in some extra details.

11. Now, it’s time to lightly fog everything with green paint.

12. Wait an hour, then apply five coats of a clear, low gloss acrylic.

13. Two hours later, you can reassemble everything, but you will need to wait about a week for the paint to cure before you go shooting.

14. Please note that the scope and other accessories can be carefully painted at the same time as the rifle, but they should not be painted while they are attached.

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