DIY Camouflage: How to Hide Everything from Your Rifle to Your Rain Barrels

2. How to Camouflage Your Clothes

To camouflage your clothing, you will need to gather the clothing in question (it’s best if you start with a solid, light colored item), cut out patterns and spray paint. You can choose whichever spray paint colors work best for the applicable environment. The clothing shown above was created with black, brown, gray, white and tan spray paint.

1. Lay down a plastic tarp or garbage bag and place the item of clothing flat upon it.

2. Begin applying your patterns. It is best to work in layers that will be placed near and on top of each other. To get the best possible look, choose your lightest color first and then work your way out to the darkest layer.

3. After the first side is completed, give the paint some time to dry. Then turn it over and repeat the process!

To learn more about how to properly spray paint your clothing, be sure to watch the video. Please note that you need to let the paint fully cure and then wash it in cold water a couple of times to remove the smell. Once this has been completed, your camouflaged clothing will not give off a smell that alerts animals to your presence.

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