DIY Camouflage: How to Hide Everything from Your Rifle to Your Rain Barrels

Camo 5

As you can see, the basics of camouflage are the same regardless of what you are attempting to hide. Look at the surrounding area and see what patterns and colors are the most notable. Using these same designs and colors will not make the item you are trying to hide disappear from sight, but it will make it much more difficult to spot from a distance.

As a note, you probably cannot stop doing regular lawn upkeep right now if you live in a neighborhood, but that tip can be applied to your bug out cabin. However, after the SHTF, do NOT be that super vain guy who does his best to keep his lawn looking perfect even without an operational lawnmower. That guy is advertising his vanity, and the criminal element will quickly discover his property and loot it.

Photo by Lisa Yarost

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