5 Dirt Cheap “Space Heaters” You Can Build Today [STEP-BY-STEP]

Does the idea of wearing all of your winter clothing and gear indoors sound awful? It should because the only reason you would need to do this is if you have no heat. It’s possible to lose access to heating for a long list of reasons, including a winter storm that knocks the power out or a SHTF scenario.

If you don’t want to be at risk of freezing to death in your home, it’s important to learn how to make a DIY space heater.

Even the listed projects that need electricity are cheaper than store bought space heaters, and they also require much less power. In other words, they could be run with a simple solar panel setup more easily than any electric type of heat you have in your home.

As always, we have looked through many of the DIY options so that you don’t have to. Now, we present to you some of the very best methods for staying warm with a space heater that requires little to no electricity.

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