5 Dirt Cheap “Space Heaters” You Can Build Today [STEP-BY-STEP]

Does the idea of wearing all of your winter clothing and gear indoors sound awful? It should because the only reason you would need to do this is if you have no heat. It’s possible to lose access to heating for a long list of reasons, including a winter storm that knocks the power out or a SHTF scenario. If you don’t want to be at risk of freezing to death in your home, it’s important to learn how to make a DIY space heater. Even the listed projects that need electricity are cheaper than store bought space heaters, and […]

6 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity [SHTF Preps]

If you read The Patriot Caller regularly, or live in an extremely cold climate, you already know how important it is to be prepared for both extreme cold temperatures AND facing those without the benefit of working utilities (electricity, natural gas, etc.) This means investing in backup energy systems, sure, such as solar and diesel generators. But what happens if you have not gotten to this point yet by the time an emergency arises? RELATED: The Free and Unlimited Way to Heat Your Home [VIDEO] Even if you’ve created a workable backup plan, an extended outage could deplete your gasoline or diesel […]

11 Ways To Stay Warm Without Raising Your Heating Bill

No matter what is going on outside, a little old fashioned resourcefulness can always make your home more comfortable… With the cold weather and snow rapidly approaching, many patriots are wondering what they can do to keep their homes warm this winter… without breaking the bank. Most of us take our home’s heating system for granted, but with the nation’s aging power grid in disrepair, that’s a dangerous assumption.  What if a massive snowstorm knocks out electric service in your area for several days? Last winter, sections of Kansas, Montana, Massachusetts and several other states lost power at the most […]

The Free and Unlimited Way to Heat Your Home [VIDEO]

Now is the time to look for new ways to insulate your wallet from those ridiculously high winter heating bills. If you live in an area where power outages are common during the winter storm season, you might even look at this heating source as part of your emergency backup plan. RELATED: 11 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter With Raising Your Heating Bill Perhaps one of the best things about this particular strategy is that not only is this heat source free, it actually comes to you Monday-Friday, all year long… Yes, you guessed it, this heating source involves, but […]

DIY Paper Log Hack [VIDEO]

It’s hard to beat the smell of seasoned pinion pine logs burning in your wood stove… but there comes a time when even the sweetest of smoke smells get pretty dang tiresome. During a long, cold winter like this one, you may get sick of smelling like a fireplace every single day. Even more likely, you’ll run out of seasoned wood and turn to burning junk or even fresh cut or green wood. While it does provide warmth, unseasoned wood isn’t the best, cleanest, or the cheapest option. In fact, wastepaper logs can burn for 5-6 hours, substantially longer than […]