5 Dirt Cheap “Space Heaters” You Can Build Today [STEP-BY-STEP]

1. Candle Powered Space Heater

This is one of the easiest methods possible for heating a small space. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or tools, nor does it require electricity.

Simply gather two clay terracotta pots (one large, one medium), two to three candles, a bolt with washers, a plate to hold the candles and something to prop the pots on. Three bricks works nicely as showcased in the video.

Once everything is assembled and the candles are lit, you will be able to achieve an exterior heat of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This will, of course, dissipate quickly, but it will also keep the nearby surrounding area nice and toasty. The best part is that the heat will last for several hours.

Please be cautious after the heat begins to fade. The inside clay pot can reach an astounding 500 degrees, so you don’t want to move it until after it has had time to completely cool down.


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