How to Build an Emergency Survival Shelter

2. Super Simple Dead Wood Shelter

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A lightweight tarp is very useful, but what happens if you don’t have one? Never fear, you can still build a super simple shelter using nothing more than dead wood branches and a fallen tree trunk.

Choose a tree trunk that is lying on its side but propped up enough for you to slide underneath it. On the opposite side, stack dead wood branches against the tree trunk in an upward, A frame style as depicted in the video. Doing this will keep the wind and other elements from hitting you from the backside of your shelter.

This isn’t a perfect shelter, but it will definitely reduce your exposure to the elements and give you a safer place to spend the night. You could also build one of these in a pinch if you’re lost and a rainstorm is on its way. It won’t keep you completely dry, but it will be much better than wandering around in the rain.

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