How to Build an Emergency Survival Shelter

4. Enclosed Shelter That Requires Zero Tools

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The Super Simple Dead Wood Shelter is a quick fix, but what if you need more protection because it’s a rainy, snowy or freezing cold day? You can take the basic idea we’ve already showcased and turn it into a much more durable shelter. Begin with a dead tree trunk that is elevated above an open area. Next, take branches and stack them in an A frame type style on both sides of the tree trunk. After you have branches in place, cover them with bark, tall dead grass, twigs, etc.

Be sure to leave enough open space for you to maneuver in and out of the shelter. This can be built long enough to accommodate multiple people, although you may need to remain seated (assuming the fallen tree trunk is high enough to allow this) instead of lying down. Either way, this is a durable shelter build that could last an extended period of time and will give you a lot of protection from the elements.

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