Hunt Deer Like a Pro on Your First Time Out

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What to Bring With You


By J. Rachel Spencer, via Wikimedia Commons

Some hunters prefer a bow and arrow, while others like to utilize a shotgun or rifle when they go after game. Whatever weapon you choose, remember that it is only one part of the contents of your backpack that you will need to bring with you. A prepared hunter brings:

  • Ammunition
  • A sleeping bag
  • Food
  • A tent
  • Clothing
  • A lantern or flashlight
  • First aid kit

You will soon start to realize that a good hunter understands how to streamline their backpack and only bring what they absolutely need. It is always a good idea to bring spare parts for your gun or bow to prevent your trip from being cut short by a damaged weapon.

If it is cold where you live, then dress appropriately. Your outer clothes should allow you to blend into the surroundings and be as camouflaged as possible. Typically, hunters bring white outer clothing during the snowy season and standard green camouflage during the rest of the year.

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