YETI Unveils the First Ever $5,000 Cooler, CODENAME: “Ridicooler”


Since the beginning of this “high-end cooler hysteria” began, we’ve heard a chorus of hunters and outdoor types screaming one of two main responses:

1. I can’t believe how amazingly cold this freaking cooler keeps my Bud Light!

2. How in the hell can these folks at YETI sleep at night, charing $450 bucks for a dang cooler!?

Well, you may not believe it (especially if you’re in group 2), but the folks at YETI have found a way to top their past efforts…

And they’ve done so with the release of the astounding $3,500.00 YETI “Ridicooler,” for folks who want to enjoy a few cold ones, blend up a frozen margarita, wash their golf balls, engage voice-activated navigation, and use a built-in breathalyzer all at the same time.

Before you break out your credit cards, realize that this announcement was made on the day after March 31st. Wink, wink…

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