Hunt Deer Like a Pro on Your First Time Out

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Tips for Success


Image by US Army Corps of Engineers, via Flickr

A deer hunting blind allows you to monitor animal activity while having good lines of sight. You can also build your own blind or buy one. Whatever you decide, they are great ways to get close to the deer that you are trying to hunt.

Some hunters like to bait deer, but you have to be careful with baiting. In many states, baiting is illegal as it has significant drawbacks that make it a bad idea in areas where it is allowed. Bait has the scent of humans on it and can make deer more nervous than usual. Bait can also attract other animals that may scare the deer away and make your hunt a bust.

The responsible hunter wants to take down a deer while inflicting as little pain and suffering as possible. The best places to shoot a deer with immediate results are in the head and through the neck to severe the spine. If you hit a deer, and it doesn’t immediately fall, the humane thing to do is follow the blood path until you are able to locate the animal and put it down properly.

Hunting is an essential part to surviving in the wild, and it also offers the chance to get closer to nature. You can learn a lot about the different sights and sounds found in the wild when you take the attitude of a hunter looking for game. Always be responsible to the laws, the public, and the animals when hunting, and you’re sure to find great success.

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