How to Skin a Rattlesnake Like a Pro, Then Cook and Eat it [STEP-BY-STEP]

WARNING: This video will give you nightmares. Guaranteed. We’re not big fans of killing snakes when it’s not absolutely necessary. Of course, then it always comes down to one man’s definition of necessary versus another’s. If it’s near you home, near your livestock, near your pets… the list goes on and on. If you do feel the need to dispatch a huge honking rattlesnake, however, it’s imperative that you must skin it and display the hide as evidence of your own historic battle with a wily serpent. And to achieve that, you will either have to a.) take the snake to the […]

Do THIS When a Venomous Snake Bites You [INSTRUCTIONS]

So you’re outdoors enjoying a beautiful day hunting, hiking, or maybe just doing some yard work when IT happens! You feel a sudden compressions and stinging pain in your leg. You look down in time to see a snake retreating quickly into the bushes… The stinging sensation becomes a burning sensation that shoots up and down your leg. Plus, the bite area is throbbing like crazy. And you’re starting to wonder, “Is this what it feels like as you begin to succumb to death by snakebite?” The first thought that enters your mind following that overwhelming fear of dread is, “Don’t […]

The Four Venomous Snakes in North America [INFOGRAPHIC]

The mere sight of a snake can send shivers down the spine of the ordinary man or woman. Due to lack of education or understanding, people often hold an irrational fear of snakes. The truth is, unless you provoke them, snakes are shy and prefer to keep themselves out of bother. That said, in North America, there are over 8000 snake bites every year. This is why the guys at Sniff Outdoors have produced an infographic on how to identify the four types of venomous snakes, how best to prevent a snake bite and what to do if you are […]

10 Incredible Snake Videos You Can Never “Un-See”

What is it about shocking snake videos? For some reason, we just can’t get enough of them. The more unbelievable, terrifying, or flat out disgusting, the more these videos seem to draw us in. In some strange way, these videos appeal to our sense of survival. Maybe it’s the need to test ourselves in a way… Maybe we need to know just how we might react if we were to actually come face to face with a massive anaconda? Where can you find the world’s largest cottonmouth? Or who would win in an epic showdown between a rattlesnake and a water […]

GoPro Camera Falls into Massive Rattlesnake Den [VIDEO]

The launch of the affordable and nearly indestructible GoPro camera has unleashed a tidal wave of amazing footage onto the internet. Some of this footage is impressive for the courage it took to film it, some is impressive for the stupidity for which the footage serves as evidence. This video is somewhere right in between the two. On the one hand, the person guiding this camera had to get dangerously close to a massive rattlesnake den. On the other hand, that’s not the smartest idea in the world…. and neither is dangling a hastily security camera into a pit of hostile […]

Will a Bite From This Snake Cost You $153 Thousand? [PICS]

QUESTION: Will a bite from the snake pictured above bankrupt you? It doesn’t take a herpetologist (reptile scientist) to know that it’s extremely dangerous to get too close to a rattlesnake. But even if you do survive a bite, what are the financial ramifications? Let’s just say that, if the venom doesn’t get you,  the hospital bill might scare you to death… ANSWER: Take a look at this hospital bill. It very well may shock you… Remember the Rattlesnake bite story I did Monday? Guy just sent me this pic of his bill. Uhhhhhhh….. — Dan Haggerty (@10NewsHaggerty) July […]

How to Catch and Bag a 6-Foot Rattlesnake [VIDEO]

In our opinion, there’s really no reason to ever put a living rattlesnake in a bag, ever. But thousands of rattlesnake roundup fanatics around the US would disagree. For some, the thrill of capturing live venomous snakes is apparently worth the risks. RELATED: This is What 5,000lbs of Rattlesnakes Looks Like [VIDEO] In this video, professional rattlesnake hunter  Tim Fitzer demonstrates the process and safety measures he’s developed over a lifetime of capturing these snakes. But this video isn’t just a simple how-to, Fitzer is demonstrating his prowess on a very strong 6-foot snake!

Man Discovers Extremely Rare Pink Rattlesnake [VIDEO]

Rattlesnakes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors (there are 32 known species and 79 subspecies), but hot pink… that’s a new one. Hot pink rattlesnakes weren’t thought to exist until only recently, when a Salt Lake City man noticed one slithering near the University of Utah campus. Only after capturing the snake for further inspection did researchers discover that it was not a new species or an albino specimen… RELATED: This is What 5,000 Pounds of Rattlesnakes Looks Like [VIDEO] It had simply been spray painted as a prank. Waaah wah. As you can see in the […]

Will A Bite From This Snake Kill You?

QUESTION: Will a bite from the snake pictured above kill you? ANSWER: No. Often mistaken for highly venomous coral snake, the scarlet king snake pictured above is non-venomous and even beneficial to have around for rodent control. The coral snake (featured on page 10) is identified by the common Boy Scout saying “Red and yellow, kill a fellow. Red and black, friend of Jack.” Thus, if the snake has red and yellow bands touching, it’s a Texas coral snake or eastern coral snake. The Arizona coral snake features a very pale yellow band, nearly white, that touches its yellow bands. 

This is What 5,000 Pounds of Rattlesnakes Looks Like [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever wondered what 5,000lbs of rattlesnakes looks like… you might consider heading to the world’s largest rattlesnake round up in Sweetwater, TX. These wester diamondback rattlers are harvested on local farms and ranches by snake hunters, both professional (yes, professional snake hunting is a real thing) and amateur, and then thrown into a massive pit. What could be more fun than that? RELATED: Know Your Venomous North American Snakes As you might expect, the footage of these massive venomous nightmare haunting reptiles speaks for itself. To listen to Riley Sawyers tell it, the roundup’s PR official, the event […]