10 Incredible Snake Videos You Can Never “Un-See”

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What is it about shocking snake videos? For some reason, we just can’t get enough of them.

The more unbelievable, terrifying, or flat out disgusting, the more these videos seem to draw us in. In some strange way, these videos appeal to our sense of survival. Maybe it’s the need to test ourselves in a way…

Maybe we need to know just how we might react if we were to actually come face to face with a massive anaconda? Where can you find the world’s largest cottonmouth? Or what kind of snake is big, bright blue and eats full-grown rattlesnakes for breakfast!?

These are the all-important questions that occupy the mind of any good hunter or outdoorsman from time to time…


Look at what these hunters stumbled onto while planting a duck hole last season. Cottonmouths (AKA water moccasins) typically grow to between 30 and 48 inches, occasionally as long as 74 inches long, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

How long do you think “Cottonmouthzilla” is judging from the video?

Water moccasins are highly venomous and are known to stand their ground when they feel threatened. This specimen, however, appears to be so thick and massive that it’s hard for the creature to even get around.

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Little is known about the typical life span of one of these snakes, but you can only image that this one is several decades old.  It must weigh in at of 100lbs!

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