Watch This Crazy Fisherman Hand Feed a Wild Snake [VIDEO]


Think snakes are dumb? Think again…

The title of the YouTube video is literally “Dumb Snake,” which has got to be one of the most grossly inaccurate titles we’ve come across in a long time.

This snake sits in the reeds, spots the man offering him a free fish, and swims on over nonchalantly for a free lunch. For a human, this behavior might be seen as “dumb,” but for a snake?

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As best we can tell, this snake has been trained, or conditioned rather, to climb up on a small pier and eat free fish. That shows that snakes do have some type of memory, as well as the ability to overcome the fear of a much larger predator.

Typically, we hear the old adage that the “snake is far more afraid of you than you are of it.” This video proves that this may not always be the case. Check it out:

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