American Heroes Who Stopped a Criminal with Their CCW

If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of responsible gun owners being lumped in with the few irresponsible people who anti-gun advocates constantly talk about. Your license to have a concealed carry weapon is something you earned through exhibiting responsibility, and you’ve taken the necessary time to learn how to use it properly. This includes knowing when it’s not safe to take a shot. The reality that many in the media don’t want you to know is that there have actually been several instances involving a citizen hero stopping a crime with their concealed carry weapon. This might not fit […]

The 2 Guns Donald Trump is Packing… (On the Record, at Least)

President Donald Trump has sparked a controversy or two in his still young presidency with his strong opinions. But one thing that’s not so controversial about this candidate is his choice in firearms. Often criticized for “shooting from the hip” when speaking to the media, many Americans may still be wondering exactly where “The Donald” stands on the carry issue. As a self-proclaimed lifelong New Yorker, one might assume that Trump doesn’t own any personal firearms, or that he’s had relatively little exposure to shooting sports, as he resides in a city well know for its restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. […]

Vince Vaughn is a Full-Throttle 2nd Amendment Supporter

Even if you weren’t a huge fan of cult classics like Swingers, Old School, or Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn may still be one of your favorite Hollywood movie stars. You just didn’t know it. In a recent interview with British GQ Magazine, Vince Vaughn shared some very bold opinions on a number of issues close to our patriotic hearts. Turns out that Mr. Vaughn shares many opinions with America’s founding fathers and thus The Patriot Caller as well. You might even say that Vaughn is a bit of a Libertarian firebrand. On the Second Amendment: “I support people having a gun […]