The BIGGEST Mistake Preppers Make

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Firearms – Last but certainly not least, you’re going to need some type of weapon, just in case. It doesn’t have to be a gun, but then again what else are you willing to risk your family’s safety on. A sword? Pepper spray?

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is that crises seem to bring out the worst in the worst kind of people. Every time a crisis distracts local law enforcement, looters and opportunistic criminal spring up out of nowhere.

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A 12-gauge pump shotgun is an excellent choice for home defense. The pump action also makes a loud click-click sound that is internationally recognized by criminals.

If you prefer higher magazine capacities and more maneuverability, then a semiautomatic handgun (see our Top 5 Pistols here) is and excellent choice to fill this role. If you only own one gun, and that gun is for home defense purposes, then an 12-gauge shotgun or a semi auto handgun are the two best options going away…


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