The Shockingly Powerful DIY Pocket Slingshot (Plus 9 More Household Survival Hacks)

10. Create a Lantern

Light on its own won’t save your life, but it’s still going to be extremely useful after the SHTF. If you’re a prepper, you almost certainly already have a stash of flashlights and headlamp available. However, the batteries will only last so long, and they can only brighten up a certain amount of space. When you combine this with the irritation of having to hold them or carefully balance them in the right direction at all times, it is no wonder that some inventive preppers have come up with a way to maximize their potential.

Take a full jug or bottle of water and attach your headlamp to the top of it. Alternatively, place your flashlight on top of the lid, light side facing down. This will instantly turn into a lantern that has a wide range of illumination. Using this trick is similar to the tea light candle reflector, but a flashlight lantern will create an even larger light source and will not be a potential fire hazard.

There are hundreds of other ways you can use household items to survive an apocalyptic situation, and we’ve discussed many of them in the past. As a quick refresher, common items such as baking soda, zip ties and even shoelaces have a practically endless list of possibilities. What’s your favorite household item prepper hack? Leave a comment to let us know!


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