The Shockingly Powerful DIY Pocket Slingshot (Plus 9 More Household Survival Hacks)

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Who doesn’t enjoy a small, homemade weapon that easily concealed in a pocket, just waiting for its time to shine. No, we’re not talking about a prison-style shank we fashioned from a plastic spork… this is EVEN COOLER…

This super shooter slingshot can turn anything from gravel to a dried pinto bean into a dangerous weapon. What’s more, you can make one of these in about 5 minutes using items sitting in your junk drawer.

There are all kinds of homemade weapons and survival tools that you can build using items found in most American homes. All you need is the know-how. Here are some of our favorite survival hacks that rely on nothing more than common household items.

1. The Shockingly Powerful DIY Pocket Slingshot

Whether you need to defend yourself, hunt small prey, or entertain yourself at the office on a slow day, a pocket slingshot can be a powerful tool.

Don’t have one? Don’t worry.  You can create a small, easy to carry slingshot that has a surprisingly large amount of power from nothing more than a balloon and the cap from a large-mouthed bottle. A hacksaw and some sandpaper will also be necessary to remove the cap from the bottle and clean it up. Watch the video for directions on how to quickly put everything together.

Please note that you can seriously injure someone with these pocket slingshots. In fact, shooting a tiny marshmallow from one of them can actually cause welts. Therefore, a pocket slingshot will almost certainly shoot your eye out!

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