The Shockingly Powerful DIY Pocket Slingshot (Plus 9 More Household Survival Hacks)

3. Soda Tab Fishing Hook

During an emergency situation, you will have two primary goals: eating and finding safe shelter. Finding food could be difficult, but as long as a nuclear explosion hasn’t occurred, you should be able to turn to nature to keep you well-fed. Unfortunately, typical tools such as a fishing pole and fishing line may not be accessible. This is where a little ingenuity and some household items could save your life.

Pull the tab off of a can of soda and modify it as shown in the video. You will need a pair of snips or scissors for this step. Next, you can finish your fishing hook with some dental floss or thin string. Live bait is your best bet, so you’ll need to dig in the dirt for some worms, bugs or night crawlers.

For this to work truly effectively, you’ll need a long enough line and some patience. It may take some trial and error before you get a fish hooked, but it is possible to catch one using this hack.

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