The Shockingly Powerful DIY Pocket Slingshot (Plus 9 More Household Survival Hacks)

7. Soda Can Candle Reflector

A small tea light candle will give you a bit of light, but it’s not going to illuminate a very large area. You can boost the range of these candles by building them a reflector out of an old soda can. This is a very simple project that anyone should be able to do. All you will need is a sharpie, a soda can, a box cutter and some scissors. In an extreme situation, you could probably even complete this project without the sharpie or box cutter.

After you cut open some flaps, you can put the tea light inside the soda can. This will reflect the light brighter and farther than it would have reached on its own. As an added bonus, you can use the soda can’s tab to hang the reflector up.

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