The Very Best Rimfire Guns for Less than $250

3. Heritage Rough Rider heritage

If you’ve never shot a single action revolver, it should most definitely be on your bucket list. They’re just incredibly simplistic, durable, and LOUD. The volume is part of why the most pleasant caliber to shoot in a single six is the .22LR.

The Heritage Rough Rider is more or less a more-affordable knockoff of Ruger’s legendary “Single Six,” which itself is a knockoff of the Colt. At a price tag under $200, who cares what name is on the side. What’s more, the Heritage in case hardened steel and laminated grips is a lot more eye-catching than the plain jane Ruger for less than half the cost.

That doesn’t mean we do prefer the Ruger’s quality, but you can’t argue with the Rough Rider’s price.

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