How To Survive a Bear Attack

There are several natural events that, for whatever reason, engage our survival instincts at a primal level. Tornadoes, poisonous snakes, and, yes, bear attacks all just seem to get something going in our prepper brains. I don’t know about you, but I have dreams about dealing with these things… I wouldn’t really call them nightmares, because they’re so fascinating and primal. To put things into perspective, you’ll most likely never have to deal with an angry bear in your lifetime. Even if you live in “bear country,” the chances that you’ll be attacked are slim to none… RELATED: Will a […]


A lot of highly opinionated survivalists will tell you that US dollars are nothing but “worthless paper” in a survival situation… that the only things that will have value are bullets, food, and medical supplies. Chances are they’re using hyperbole. If not, they’re highly misinformed… That’s because almost all of the most likely SHTF scenarios are relatively short-term and/or regional. In these cases, paper currencies will be used as the most desirable mediums of exchange… not cigarettes, bullets, or even gold coins. Think of it this way: If a disaster shut down major infrastructure tomorrow, what would you be most […]