Hobo Signs May Come in Handy in a SHTF Crisis

The beloved American hobo (you know, with the stick over his shoulder carrying all of his belonging in a bandana), is actually a member of a non-verbal communication network… one that was developed in the Great Depression and lives on today. Hobo pictograms are very real. They also contain useful, if not even life-saving information in a crisis. Drifters and the homeless use these symbols to communicate important ideas about law enforcement, water quality, aggressive dogs, and where it’s safe to camp. Learning this language provides a couple of critical advantages to you: 1.) Of course, you may use these […]

10 Self-Reliance Skills EVERYONE Should Learn

There are a number of skills that, no matter who you are, you MUST have a working knowledge of in order to be self-sufficient in a SHTF scenario. It’s essential that you know at least how to perform these tasks theoretically… even if you can’t boast any true, hands-on experience just yet. These aren’t necessarily difficult tasks. Some of them are as simple as knowing the proper way to cut down a tree. Others are simple overviews, common sense guides for how to perform fundamental tasks like the Heimlich maneuver. The key factor is that they’re all fact-checked and accurate. They […]

Top 5 Shotguns for Home Defense (Under $350)

In most movies with climactic home defense scenes, the hero usually carries a semi-auto pistol or a Dirty Harry style .44 Mag revolver. There are two reasons for this: 1.) Hollywood movie producers know next to nothing about guns. 2.) These shootout scenes wouldn’t last nearly as long if the hero was armed with a pump shotgun. To drag a shootout scene out for maximum cinematic effect, many shots must be fired… and the vast majority of them need to be misses. If you know much about firearms, you can probably guess where we’re headed… Why the 12-Gauge Pump is […]

How to Treat Drinking Water With a Common Household Item [TABLE]

Water storage is a cornerstone of any preparedness plan, but it’s not as simple as pumping water into a tank and screwing on the cap. In fact, many homemade water treatment systems actually make water quality worse than it was before it was treated… hard to believe but true. One reason for this is that water treatment and filtration systems can create a false sense of security. Then, when it comes time to drink the stored water, it’s easy to ignore the need for testing, especially since you “treated and filtered” it prior to storage. The longer your water sits […]

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Know Your Venomous North American Snakes

When the weather gets nice, it’s time for the hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts to come out of hiding… which happens to correlate with an uptick in snake activity (including venomous ones). First things first, I’ll say that I’m not one of those people who believes all snakes should be killed on sight. If a snake is non-venomous, I’ll let it slither on it’s way every time. If it’s venomous, and too close to my house or yard, that’s when a decision has to be made. In order to make that decision, I first need to identify the species of snake […]