Will a Bite From This Snake Cost You $153 Thousand? [PICS]

QUESTION: Will a bite from the snake pictured above bankrupt you? It doesn’t take a herpetologist (reptile scientist) to know that it’s extremely dangerous to get too close to a rattlesnake. But even if you do survive a bite, what are the financial ramifications? Let’s just say that, if the venom doesn’t get you,  the hospital bill might scare you to death… ANSWER: Take a look at this hospital bill. It very well may shock you… Remember the Rattlesnake bite story I did Monday? Guy just sent me this pic of his bill. Uhhhhhhh….. pic.twitter.com/ahK2W9KxVg — Dan Haggerty (@10NewsHaggerty) July […]

Watch This Crazy Fisherman Hand Feed a Wild Snake [VIDEO]

Think snakes are dumb? Think again… The title of the YouTube video is literally “Dumb Snake,” which has got to be one of the most grossly inaccurate titles we’ve come across in a long time. This snake sits in the reeds, spots the man offering him a free fish, and swims on over nonchalantly for a free lunch. For a human, this behavior might be seen as “dumb,” but for a snake? RELATED: 10 Incredible Snake Videos You Can NEVER “Unsee” As best we can tell, this snake has been trained, or conditioned rather, to climb up on a small pier […]

The 5 Best Canned Foods for Energy and Health [PICS]

A well-stocked pantry with a diverse list of food items that have a long shelf life is by far your best bet if you want to be prepared for any potential future disaster situations, but not everyone has an abundance of storage space available. Even if you do have a lot of space for stacking canned goods and other non-perishable items, it is still wise to prioritize your choices based on nutrients and protein. After all, without your daily essential nutrients, it will not take long before you become weak and possibly even sick. RELATED: How to Open a Can […]

But Can Your Guard Dog Do THIS? [VIDEO]

Canines are one of the best security systems you could ever install in your home, for both detection and deterrence. Plus, how many other security systems are happy to see you when you get home? But if you’re just looking at your family pet as a security feature, you’re missing out on a lot of other free services you could be getting — just throw ’em a couple of bones once in awhile! RELATED: Top 5 Best Guard Dog Breeds The blue heeler in this video can easily round up a heard, retrieve game, and probably even take your keys to drive […]

Stay Cool and Save Money With a DIY Awning [INSTRUCTIONS]

Awnings are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to cool off your house during the summer without paying an exorbitant amount of energy for air conditioning. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can experience a 77 percent reduction of solar heat gain by simply putting an awning over every window that faces the west. South-facing windows should also be protected by an awning, and this can eliminate 65 percent of your home’s solar heat gain. Even if you can only afford to put one awning in place, the shade that it provides will help […]

How to Create Your Own Hanging Plant Garden [Step-by-Step]

Ready-made hanging plants are products that come with the necessary pot and hanger, along with the plant itself. These are perfect for hanging from any hooks you have available on the exterior or interior of your house, but what if you have limited space or want a more uniform appearance? There are numerous DIY hanging plant garden ideas that can help you get the most out of plants that are either pre-potted or transplanted into attractive containers. To assist you with the process, we have compiled instructions for two simplistic and inexpensive options. Image by Suzette – www.suzette.nu, via Flickr