Battle Royale: Tactical Light Vs Laser Sight

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Laser Sights: Pros and Cons


  • Accuracy in low-light conditions
  • Quicker target acquisition
  • Flexible shooting positions
  • Intimidation factor


  • Doesn’t illuminate target
  • No threat disabling features such as blinding strobe

Generally speaking, lasers offer a nice package of bumper bowling style benefits, many of which are really handy in a tense circumstance like a burglary confrontation.

Obviously, most of us don’t expect to be calm and collected as we’d like to be when the adrenaline is fully pumping. But there are other key benefits too, such as if you poor eyesight or can’t get to your glasses, you can use the laser and bypass your open sights entirely.

In addition, you can use the laser to intimidate an intruder. In a situation where you are issuing commands, the laser can be very persuasive.

Next, we’ll delve into the good and bad of rail lights.

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