The Secret Gear Your U.S. Army Sniper Uses To Nail Targets

Never before have shooters been able to hit targets at long distances. Before, snipers had to rely solely on low tech scopes for taking down their marks.

Same with hunters, you’d snap on a scope, fire and hope you hit that buck knowing that if you didn’t, he’d hit you back.

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Recently, spotting scope technology has been released to the public. This is allowing shooters of all skill levels to experience the rush of hitting a target at long range.

It’s perfect for hunters and target shooters alike. To help you see what it’s like using a spotting scope we’ve found a couple helpful videos that explain the use and experience of using one.

Here, SFC Leslie Dwayne Lewis explains how to use a spotting scope for hitting those long range targets:

Here’s what shooting targets looks like through the lens of a spotting scope:

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