How To Double Your Accuracy Overnight

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Ask any really good shooter how they got so good and they will tell you, “practice, practice, practice.”

It’s no secret that in order to become a proficient shooter you need to spend hours and hours at the range going over all the motions you will encounter on the range, streets, or a hunting trip.

But what you might not know is that the best shooters use a visual training tool to help them increase their skill faster than you…

That tool is a gun laser. And it has been been proven over and over again to dramatically change a shooter’s accuracy.

Now, some might argue that a gun laser diminishes a shooters skill by making them dependent on the laser, but they are missing the bigger picture.

The purpose of the laser is to help see the quality of your trigger control, target acquisition, and accuracy, whether that be through dry-fire or live-fire training.

Let me ask you something…

How is your trigger press?

You might have a faint idea, but with a gun laser attached to your gun, you can clearly see if you’re jerking the trigger when firing a shot just by looking at what the laser is doing on the target. It could be the reason behind your lack of accuracy and progress.

On top of that, you can use the laser for dry fire right at home and catch the tiniest of movements that you might not see when using the front sight during live-fire sessions. By magnifying these movements, the laser will help you find that smooth trigger action needed to keep your aim steady on the target…ultimately making you a better shooter.

Do you know where you’re actually aiming?

Everyone should learn to acquire a target with iron sights. But this can be hard for those of us with bad eyes or when shooting in low light conditions. And there are times when iron sights become absolutely useless, like during a home invasion at night.

That’s where the laser comes in. The laser helps you see exactly where you’re aiming and gets you on target every time. Unlike with iron sights, you are focused on where the laser is hitting, keeping your attention downrange and always on target. It will give you a clear picture of where you are aiming and force your brain to zero in on the target first before pulling the trigger.

How accurate are your shots?

With your trigger control and target acquisition now under control, you can double your accuracy in minutes. Because with a gun laser, you are literally “lighting up” the target with the laser and using your natural shooting abilities to get nice, tight grouped shots, time after time.

Not only does this increase your accuracy, it will also increase your confidence level. You will become more and more comfortable with what it takes to keep everything steady while hitting what you want as many times as you want.

Do you see now?

By becoming more aware of your weak spots, you will be able to change your progress overnight. You need to know what is wrong with your shot before you can change anything. With a laser, you will be able to do just that and immediately increase your overall accuracy.

What type of laser should you get?

There are many gun lasers on the market. From red dot to green dot to a combination of both, each has features to fit your specific needs. Some even include a flashlight to further increase your precision.

To many shooters, the red dot is better for day use while the green dot is more suitable for low light conditions. However, due to technological advancements, some companies have developed green and red lasers that work well in both daylight and night. It ultimately depends on what works best with your eyes so it is best to test it out.

Either type of laser will help you become a better shooter, but not all gun lasers are made equally…

That’s why we’ve pulled together the five best gun lasers that will double your accuracy without breaking the bank…so you don’t have to.


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