How to Double Your Shooting Speed and Accuracy Instantly [50% OFF Coupon]

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Police officer SWAT in black uniform in the smoke with laser sights

If you’re looking for an instant method that takes almost ZERO training or practice to double your shooting accuracy… even if your eyesight isn’t what it once was.

Then this will be the most important story you read today.

Here’s why: I want you to meet Sgt. Salvador McCaffery, U.S. Army Veteran and part of a group known as “FISTERS.”

FISTERS are the forward observers on our lethal battlefields who identify enemies like ISIS and direct our military assets to take them down…

They have to be experts with a whole bunch of weapons ranging from heavy artillery to the same kinds of handguns you and I own.

The success of many missions depended on Salvador’s ability to lay down accurate fire. Now, this isn’t necessarily sniper fire that we’re talking about here. This is small arms fire intended to suppress enemy fire, pin them down, and take out enemy targets when possible, of course.

He became so good at hitting targets quickly his buddies would literally throw all kinds of different guns on his lap just to watch him hit targets with ease…

Yet, Salvador’s secret wasn’t decades of practice, nor was it natural ability. Sal was the most willing and enthusiastic about using technology to make himself more effective. But my story begins after Sal’s days in the Army.

I met Sal at the shooting range. Every other week we have a shooting contest at the range. And every other week I got my butt kicked.

He was just better on the draw than I was, not surprising based on his training and experience. But he was also just so much quicker at moving between targets.

Finally, I got curious enough to ask him, “Hey man, how is it you can hit every target so damn fast?”

“Simple, I’ll show you,” he says.

I couldn’t wait to see what this was… it had to be some crazy training technique he learned in the military. Turns out, he was up to his old tricks.

He was using the same skills that earned him a reputation in the Army. Sal was combining his training with simple technology that improved his speed and accuracy.

So, what was the piece of technology that allowed Salvador to make his way through the targets faster than everyone else. It’s called a “Tactical Laser Sight,” you know, like you see in the movies.

Why You Need a Laser Sight

These sights can fit just about any gun whether it’s a handgun, a rifle and even a shotgun!

In a few seconds you can attach the laser sight, turn on the laser itself and start dialing it in for your weapon. It takes literally minutes to start placing shots straight through the heart of any target.

Our military personnel’s ability to hit targets is the difference between being a casualty…

Or fighting another day.

S.W.A.T. units around the country take down bad guys using these tactical laser sights, even under the cover of darkness.

Most shooters only shoot in well-lit indoor ranges or during the daylight hours. They don’t realize that at dusk, or even during a thunderstorm, lighting conditions make it almost impossible to “read” your sights properly. Three dot sights help with this, but they come with their own set of drawbacks.


The other aspect of laser sights, one that’s often overlooked, is that they are excellent for target acquisition. That’s what they were developed for. Your eye is naturally drawn to the point of light projected by the laser.

Thus, when you pull you weapon in a rapidly escalating circumstance, you don’t have to worry about lining up front and rear sights, focusing on the front sight, or any of that. You can simply lay down fire on your target with accuracy, just like Sal.

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