How to Use Bullet Tracing to Improve Your Long Range Accuracy

When you pull the trigger on any of your guns there’s a little bit of distortion in the air.

Snipers call this “bullet trace” and it’s one of the critical elements they use to determine where a shot hit.  What happens as the bullet travels through the air, the high speed literally distorts the air around it.

Bullet tracing works much like those tracer rounds you might have seen in old World War II footage on the History Channel.  Gunners and snipers use these trails to re-adjust their aim.

Where this becomes especially helpful for long distance target shooting and hunting is having the instant feedback of how you missed or hit a target.

As you pay attention to the trace your bullet leaves your eyes and muscle memory begin to kick in and you become a target drilling machine.

How To Trace Your Bullets

One of the first things you’ll need to have besides your gun and a target is a spotter with a high powered spotting scope.

The reason why is the magnification on the scope is going to help you see the air distortion and where your bullet hit.  In fact, the guys at the National Shooting Sports Foundation have produced a video that shows you the exact steps:

Here’s a quick recap of what the guys are saying:

#1 – Take aim at your target

#2 – Have a spotter focused on the target, then just back off slightly you’ll begin to see where the bullet actually flew.

#3 – Have the spotter watch for the movement of air and begin tracing that movement back to the target.

#4 – Adjust your aim, rinse and repeat and you’re guaranteed to start hitting more targets at greater distances.

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