Safeguard Your Family’s Food Supply

My special message to help boost your food security in 2014:





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  1. I have yet to build my first aquaponics system. What kind of pump should I get? I know absolutely nothing about pumps. I just want to start small, so I get the hang of aquaponics.


    Geena Gador

  2. My objective is to not only secure food for my family and myself but to teach and share money saving techniques with others. I am not mechanical at all, therefore, I urge you to keep in mind the knowledge you take for granted when teaching maybe totally new to those who seek your information. It’s a difficult task to be continually explaining the simple steps or words you are using, but there are always people like myself in the audience who know the principle is sound but haven’t a clue of the meanig of words or the basic mechanics required you use in describing and demostrating the process. What you share is terribly important and I admire you for your efforts. There are many ‘books’ on aquaphonics but I am one who learns from visual input, but so many times the video presenter just slides over what they ‘assume’ is information everyone already knows. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to following your teachings.

  3. tried to order the book but the form kept asking to fill in an email address that was already there.

  4. I want the book,,,,,,,,but I only have one e-mail- how could it not match?

  5. Hi Phyllis, I’m forwarding this to my customer service representative, Anthony. Thanks for the interest and I apologize for the technical difficulties.

  6. Bill, I apologize for the technical issues. I’m forwarding this on to my customer service rep, Anthony. Thanks for your interest!

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