Top 7 Budget Friendly AR-15s [PICS]

If you’re like us, you’ve rarely met a gun you didn’t like.  Still, there are some firearms that, for whatever reason, tend to leave an exceptionally good impression with shooters: Browning shotguns, Winchester lever-action rifles, Colt 1911s… and of course the AR-15. The AR-15 is accurate, easy to operate, lightweight, and of course it can hold plenty of ammo. If you’re truly going to be ready for anything, and that “anything” might include holding off a gang of zombie hogs pillaging your farm, a bolt-action deer rifle simply isn’t going to cut it. Those are a few of the reasons that the […]

Man DESTROYS Cinder Block Wall With Tracer Rounds at 250yds [VIDEO]

There’s nothing quite like destroying large objects with projectiles… Why is that? And when it comes to shooting cinder block walls at 250 yards, there’s nothing like tracer rounds to up the ante… for reasons you’ll soon understand. RELATED: How to Permanently Delete Your Files Using a .44 Magnum [VIDEO] In this awesome video, Hickok45 shoots 5.56mm AR-15 loaded with tracer rounds at a cinderblock wall off-hand at 250 yards. That’s a long way folks, especially without a rest. This guy is a seriously good shot. Enjoy the video: