Ted Cruz Shares His “Machine Gun” Bacon Recipe [VIDEO]

Though some may call it superfluous, ridiculous, or a waste of perfectly good ammo… Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls it “cookin’ breakfast.” At Patriot Caller, we’ll call it what it really is: A shameless attempt to get the Republican presidential candidate some free publicity… as well as an apparent misuse of the term “machine gun.” Still, we do believe it’s important that you, the American voter, gets an opportunity to see your presidential candidates as they shoot a firearm. It just seems practical. If we’d seen the way President Obama handles a shotgun, would he have been elected? It’s hard […]

How to Make Your Own Bacon [PICS]

It’s often been said that variety is the spice of life. Recently, however, Ivy League biologists have determined the true spice of life… Turns out it’s bacon. Given the rise of online recipe sharing through YouTube and Pinterest, it’s plainly obvious that bacon is as popular today as it has ever been — as well it should be. Crispy or rare, bacon is known from coast to coast as the ultimate comfort food and flavor enhancer. It can be added to almost any meal to turn things up a notch, or it can be served the old-fashioned way on a plate with […]

Recipe Genius: How to Cook Bacon on a Shotgun Barrel [VIDEO]

Two of our favorite things have now been combined into the most amazing recipe mankind has ever known. That’s right, bacon and shotguns have joined forces… thanks to YouTube user MattV2099. Why would anyone ever do this? Perhaps the better question is: Why has no ever thought of this until now… The firearm selected for this recipe is the Saiga-12, an excellent choice on account of its unique magazine-fed design, capable of firing up to 12 rounds in semi-auto mode. That’s ideal if you need to blast your way through an army of zombies… or you intend to cook bacon on […]