9 Disastrous Things That’ll Happen During the Next Major Blackout

As the weather heats up, the demand on the US energy grid skyrockets with each air-conditioner that clicks on. While the grid itself is duct taped together in many cases, there is overwhelming evidence that terrorists and foreign hackers are waging work on your utility company. A security company has found malware code that, if deployed and activated, can take control of all substation circuit breakers and switches. In other words, the ability to cripple our nation is within the hands of hackers, and even though government officials are working on the problem, they may not be able to come […]

10 Places You’ll Want to Go if the Lights Go Out

A power outage is never a good thing, even if it only lasts for a few hours. After all, it can lead to food spoilage, and it also brings with it the fear that something irregular is at fault. But a long-term grid outage, as the result of terrorism or sabotage, has the power to reduce any city in America into SHTF ground zero, where commerce, transportation, and law enforcement simply grind to a halt. For most preppers, all signs point toward a “bug out” scenario. But where do you go if the power goes out in your area, especially […]

Navy SEAL Says Prepare Your Blackout Kit [VIDEO]

Of all the threats that the mainstream media has glossed over in the past year, perhaps the most alarming is the treat to our energy grid. Not only have dozens of experts warned us about the fragile nature of the grid itself, but a recent low-tech attack on a California substation (one that knocked the station offline for 27 days) was barely a blip on the radar. I guess the networks would rather talk about figure skating… Watch the latest video at video.insider.foxnews.com As former Navy SEAL Christopher Heben explains in this video, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to […]