Luxury Items You’ll Really Want in a SHTF Crisis

What comes to mind when you hear the word luxury? An opulent penthouse suite or perhaps a high class luxury vehicle? These things are definitely considered to be luxury right now. However, after the SHTF, things we take for granted today could quickly become the most highly desired luxury items. Some of these things can be stocked up on right now, but others will quickly become obsolete. Additionally, there are some obnoxiously expensive luxury items that would actually be very useful during an apocalyptic situation. Let’s explore some of the items that you’ll want (or miss) the most when the […]

How to Blow Yourself Up While Trying to Start a Bonfire [VIDEO]

When it comes to YouTube videos that begin with someone saying “ready to rock” and “big-a$$ bonfire, take one,” there are typically only two positive outcomes. First, many viewers will learn an important lesson without putting themselves in any life-threatening danger. Second, we’ll most likely see something that’s going to make us laugh uncontrollably, even if it’s in a slightly guilty manner. As you can imagine, we’re huge fans of unusual or innovative fire starting methods. But when this guy decided to substitute gasoline for creativity, let’s just say the result was highly volatile. RELATED: How to Start a Fire with Urine […]

8 Items You MUST Keep in Your Vehicle

Bug Out Basics: Your Bug-Out Vehicle Checklist In my first “Outsmarting the Gridlock” post, I discussed the importance of building a comprehensive bug-out bag for each member of your family. Timing is crucial and there’s no time to pack. But that article left out one critical piece of information: How will you actually get out of dodge? You’re not planning to hike out to that remote cabin in the woods are you? For most of us, our bug-out location (whether it’s a family farm or a relative’s house) is simply beyond a reasonable walking distance, WAY outside… More than likely, […]