How to Blow Yourself Up While Trying to Start a Bonfire [VIDEO]


When it comes to YouTube videos that begin with someone saying “ready to rock” and “big-a$$ bonfire, take one,” there are typically only two positive outcomes.

First, many viewers will learn an important lesson without putting themselves in any life-threatening danger.

Second, we’ll most likely see something that’s going to make us laugh uncontrollably, even if it’s in a slightly guilty manner.

As you can imagine, we’re huge fans of unusual or innovative fire starting methods. But when this guy decided to substitute gasoline for creativity, let’s just say the result was highly volatile.

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No matter what type of crisis you’re facing, it’s important to remember that gasoline, as opposed to lighter fuel, is highly combustable. Thus, it’s never a first choice for lighting a fire, although it will certainly get the job done… as you’ll see in the video.

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