How to Make Your Own Bacon [PICS]

It’s often been said that variety is the spice of life. Recently, however, Ivy League biologists have determined the true spice of life… Turns out it’s bacon. Given the rise of online recipe sharing through YouTube and Pinterest, it’s plainly obvious that bacon is as popular today as it has ever been — as well it should be. Crispy or rare, bacon is known from coast to coast as the ultimate comfort food and flavor enhancer. It can be added to almost any meal to turn things up a notch, or it can be served the old-fashioned way on a plate with […]

How to Make DIY Waterproof Matches [Step-by-Step]

Wet matches are a major annoyance in ideal conditions. But when you’re in desperate need of a fire, in rainy or snowy conditions let’s say, wet matches are a complete disaster. Don’t let this disaster befall you! Using this simple method from our friends at the Sierra Trading Post, you can make your own waterproof matches with just a few minutes of work. It makes for a great lazy Saturday afternoon project. And its a whole lot more rewarding (and more self-sufficient) than going to REI to buy stormproof backpacking matches.

5 Ways to Remedy the Itch of Poison Ivy and its Evil Cousins

The itchy rash that is left behind as evidence of exposure to poison ivy, sumac or oak is an extremely unpleasant experience. Scratching the itchy spots can cause them to rupture, and this will help the rash spread to other areas of your body. Therefore, you need to take immediate action to remedy the situation. What follows are 5 ways to remedy the itch of poison ivy and its evil cousins, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac.

Top 15 Incredible and Hilarious Redneck Automotive Innovations [PICS]

Duct-tape craftsmanship and artisanal baling wire are two of our favorite hobbies here at The Patriot Caller. And of course, we believe it would be foolhardy to suggest that WD-40 is NOT an integral part of the solution to every problem mankind has ever faced… It’s amazing what you can do (or do without) when you put your mind to it and engage in a little, ummm… resourcefulness? Lots of our readers are interested in leading more self-reliant lifestyles, or even going off-the-grid. While others among us are (you know who you are) are just incredibly cheap, and refuse to pay professionals to […]

How to Easily Identify Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Poison Oak [PICS]

Whether you plan to spend a lot of time in the woods this summer or simply plan to enjoy the outdoors on your own property, it’s very possible that you will encounter some vegetation that will bring your good times to a screeching halt — i.e. poison ivy, sumac or oak. In order to keep yourself from dealing with the intense itching that is associated with each of these plants, it is vital to learn how to identify them so that you can steer clear of their leaves. Some people are lucky enough not to be allergic to these plants… but you […]

How to Open a Can in 30 Seconds Without a Can Opener [No Tools Required]

One of the fundamentals of any SHTF crisis plan is, of course, an emergency food stockpile. Of all of the stockpiles we’ve seen over the years, 99.99% of them include canned food. The vast majority of those with a self-reliance mindset do think of the obvious need for a manual can opener. However, it’s the type of detail that can easily fall through the cracks, or break, or get misplaced… In the event that you need to open a can without an opener, in an emergency or even on a camping trip, there are basically two types of methods: The […]

How to Catch and Bag a 6-Foot Rattlesnake [VIDEO]

In our opinion, there’s really no reason to ever put a living rattlesnake in a bag, ever. But thousands of rattlesnake roundup fanatics around the US would disagree. For some, the thrill of capturing live venomous snakes is apparently worth the risks. RELATED: This is What 5,000lbs of Rattlesnakes Looks Like [VIDEO] In this video, professional rattlesnake hunter  Tim Fitzer demonstrates the process and safety measures he’s developed over a lifetime of capturing these snakes. But this video isn’t just a simple how-to, Fitzer is demonstrating his prowess on a very strong 6-foot snake!

How to Blow Yourself Up While Trying to Start a Bonfire [VIDEO]

When it comes to YouTube videos that begin with someone saying “ready to rock” and “big-a$$ bonfire, take one,” there are typically only two positive outcomes. First, many viewers will learn an important lesson without putting themselves in any life-threatening danger. Second, we’ll most likely see something that’s going to make us laugh uncontrollably, even if it’s in a slightly guilty manner. As you can imagine, we’re huge fans of unusual or innovative fire starting methods. But when this guy decided to substitute gasoline for creativity, let’s just say the result was highly volatile. RELATED: How to Start a Fire with Urine […]

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How to Cook Steaks With Molten Lava [VIDEO]

There’s a virtually unlimited number of ways to cook a steak. And as long as the end result is cooked to perfection and safe to eat, they’re all pretty cool in our book. Still, the steak cooking technique pioneered by this team of… whatever they are (scientists? engineers? culinary students?) is among the most outrageously cool methods we’ve seen. Don’t you agree? RELATED: How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag [VIDEO] We can’t image the emergency scenario in which you might have to rely on molten lava to cook your meals. But just in case you ever do […]