How to Open a Can in 30 Seconds Without a Can Opener [No Tools Required]

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One of the fundamentals of any SHTF crisis plan is, of course, an emergency food stockpile. Of all of the stockpiles we’ve seen over the years, 99.99% of them include canned food.

The vast majority of those with a self-reliance mindset do think of the obvious need for a manual can opener. However, it’s the type of detail that can easily fall through the cracks, or break, or get misplaced…

In the event that you need to open a can without an opener, in an emergency or even on a camping trip, there are basically two types of methods:

  • The difficult and dangerous method using sharp knifes and brute force.
  • OR, this amazingly simple 2-step method that gets the job done with minimal risk of cutting off a finger.

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