50 Items to Hoard Checklist

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home seaming with vegetables and fruits put on the shelves
home seaming with vegetables and fruits put on the shelves

When a crisis is brewing, making a well thought out list of supplies is no easy task…

…purchasing them may be virtually impossible.

As panic spreads, super market shelves will be stripped bare in a matter of hours, as throngs of more and more desperate people buy up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they feel may be useful.

This includes items for bartering or selling on the black market. As fear takes control, panic buying will quickly consume all available inventory at the local Target, Walmart, Safeway, Home Depot, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, even the largest retailers don’t keep much excess inventory. What you see on the shelves is what they’ve got in most cases.

We see it almost every time a major hurricane targets a populated area. Desperate shoppers buy up every last can of beans, flashlight, and bottled water in a 50-mile radius.

If you’re smart, you won’t be standing in line at the grocery store when the SHTF. You’ll already have that taken care of…

…because you’ve read through this checklist to make sure you have everything your family needs to survive a crisis. Click Continue to read our Top 50 Items to Hoard.

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  1. You should already have this stuff in your supplies and keep them rotated at intervals to make sure everything is up to date and not ready to expire on you.

  2. Is this a test??? Items 11 and 16 are the same!

    But, a good list

  3. Patricia Murphy

    # 11 and # 16 are both gauze and bandages are we missing something else important???

  4. Don’t forget pet food if you have pets. Cat litter for your cats.

  5. I didn’t mean to unsubscribe!

  6. All the items in your list are very good.indeed to have on hand. However, item #11 and #16 are both the same.

  7. I don’t get tired of reading all of the information you post on this site, along with the handy e-mails and information I can save. This list is wonderful for those of us living in hurricane areas.

  8. gauze and bandaids are listed twice!

  9. Great list and been working on building up. Harbor Freight has hand crank lanterns for $11.00 and they really give off light. The 99 cent stores have all the medical supplies and I have purchased baby wipes for freshening up and clean ups. Don’t forget the pepto and pedialite for those times. We wished we had it during Ike. We lost electric for two and a half weeks and the water was bad for over a week. We also are building a small fire pit in ground for cooking, I have a planter to cover it over. I’d like to know if you unbag the rice and beans and can put them in on of those 5 gallon buckets they sell at hone depot for $3.50. they are thick and have a very good seal. I know the food would need to be put in a plastic bag or should it be put in serving size bags for freshness? I’m glad that I became a Patroit4 survivalist. Thank you

  10. Thanks for info

  11. Harbor freight has hand crank lanterns. The 99 cent stores have a great deal of things .Baby wipes are great for a dry bath. Don’t forget pepto and pedialite also. We built a small in ground fire pit for cooking.I;d like to know if using the 5 gal. buckets to store the rice and beans will do.

  12. Thanks for the valuable information… You bring up things one would not think of…

  13. You have the same for 11 and 16, I agree this is important and would include an ace bandage for sprains or to help splint. For # 16, I would list some gloves and masks, latex free is safest but with less dexterity. If not sutures, at least some super glue.

  14. THanks for the info! hope we never need to use it but now. I will be prepared! Thank you pilgram!

  15. On your list of twenty Items to Hoard Check List you have duplicated item #11 and #16.

  16. Numbers 11 and 16 are both Gauze/Bandages. Why?

  17. How about Vodka, Witch Hazel, Hydrogen Peroxide, Antibiotic Ointment.

  18. Item 11and16 are the same .


  20. Try and get items like flashlights and portable radio’s that use the same size battery, my emergency radio uses AA batteries and so do my flashlights. This way you only have to stock one size battery. Also get a couple of spare bulbs for the mini-mag lights.

  21. Thank you for the information.

  22. You mentioned Gauze/Bandages twice, as numbers 11 and 16. You covered the Beans and Bandaids of the 3 Bs. How about the bullets? I advice everyone to own a few firearms. A battery of guns is best: 1) pump or semi-auto shotgun in (.12 or .20 gauge), 2) .22 Rifle (Marlin 60 or Ruger 10/22), 3) handgun (.45 ACP or .357 Magnum), 4) Modern Sporting Rifle (misidentified “Assault” by Lame Stream Media) such as M4, AR-15, AK-47, Mini-14 and 5) bolt or lever action in .308/30-06/30-30, etc. Hoard the bullets and shells to operate them as well.

  23. Good list! My question is “Is this to bug-out or in?” If you are bugging out, the one absolute need on your list is your medications. You should have them in your go bag already for any emergency. You can have have something for sleep and or pain also. It won’t take up much room, but could mean alot for your peace of mind and health. Stay safe.

  24. I guess gauze/bandages are really important since they are listed twice. Assuming that was a typo. Good list overall. Thanks

  25. Small propane bottles and lantern for same. A small propane stove also comes in handy.Wide base candle holders can prevent fire when the candle burns down. Pet food for any pets too. The dry kibble lasts.

  26. It is time to prepare…storms, floods, riots…. Be prepared,,,always!!!!

  27. As a Ham Radio Operator as a hobby with my Advanced License, I have a 5kw gasoline generator for emergency power
    wired into my house underground powered through a legally wired disconnect switch to switch from the commercial grid
    to my local power. Food and water a fair supply on hand.. Guns: Well at present none. A few y ears our Liberal Gov.
    brought in a law all gun owners by a certain date had to be registered. We in Canada have always had to Register Hand guns and were only licensed to have, own and carry from home to the shooting range. This new law made those that did not get registered the long guns, rifles and shot guns a breaker of the law. Some did and some didn’t. Now after many years and man;y millions of dollar spent in operating that registration the Conservative Gov. has removed that long guns law. It didn’t work well as it should have. I had guns, but gave them away to my son who lived up in northern Canada who could use them to hunt moose, caribou and bear and let him do the registering the guns. I had taken a refresher course on long guns and hand guns. I will now have to take w courses to be able to buy any guns!!
    h;and guns, but with this new law at the time I just gve up on having guns. :Now I think I should have both!

  28. Good advice. Thank You.

  29. good idea.And rotate your stock

  30. If you can get ur hands on them bullets are hard to come by in the south

  31. Amen to that brother. Guns & Ammo are a necessity.

  32. Must have been changed, 11 is guaze and bandages, 16 is firearms now. Good list!

  33. I’m almost ready. You suggested a few things I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for trying to help everyone,even the scoffers.Now I don’t try to warn people—-if they want to know why I stock up on certain things—–I tell them. Paper towels are a need,too.

  34. You need to add liquid bleach (sterilizing) and hydrogen peroxide (wound care) to the rubbing alcohol list. Chlorine tablets used for a pool would be a good way to store bleach too.

  35. Thank you for the list, I have been all over the internet trying to find a list for a emergency, & very few people want to give you anything unless you pay to get these lists. I commend you on the way that you are trying to help us keep ourselves alive. When all hell breaks lose, it will be the people who are prepared at least this far who will be the one’s who will be still alive. This is all equipment that is necessary to survive. There is more, but how much can you grab in the next 15 minutes, which is the maximum that you should have to spend if you are heading up to the cabin in a more remote area. If you are just staying at home, then I would say that it is exactly what you need, & don’t be skimpy when it comes down to the necessities. Won’t you feel horrible as a person who let down your loved one’s because you were cheap & did not get ready? Great items, & thanks ever so much.

  36. Don’t forget fuel for the Coleman Camp stove! They usually run on denatured alcohol which can be useful for other things as well…

  37. Outstanding Patriot Caller thanks for your concern for us all out here and an atta boy to all of you that noticed the duplication great to meet y’all here first time here —i’ll be looking forward to reading more on this site

  38. I am bringing my Bible. Meds are important also. How about warm stuff, like blankets, jackets, gloves, and raingear? Including umbrella.

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  40. When you take the process of bags of rice and beans
    to 5 gallon buckets the magic is DRY ICE look up how
    much to each bucket. Already have and more to do.

  41. Dear Sharon,
    Was reading your reply to Patriot Caller and wanted to let you know of our new internet business. We are selling emergency and survival gear. Look at our DeltaSurvivalEssentials.com and there are many kits already assembled where you can pick them up quickly – for kids, car, home or office, and importantly, for pets. We are adding more items daily to this site. Generators and stoves are some things we are working on right now.
    There are food buckets that are easy to throw into a car if you have to leave. We tried some of the food items and they are tasty with two good sized portions per pouch. Also, there are some individual items, like waterproof matches which you wouldn’t want to run out of in an emergency. Also important are water purification tablets and drinking glass that purifies a good amount of water.
    I think there is a need for this with all that is happening in the world right now.

  42. I read once that wasp spray is better protection than pepper stray. Reason being is it sprays farther and foams in your preditors face and serious offenders are immune to pepper spray. I have also learned that wasp spray is much less expensive!

  43. How many times do we need to Demind everyone that 11 and 16 are the same the guy is trying to help you survive when the country falls apart u should thank him for helping u out like maybe something that is not on the list that is help full .

  44. another thought. First use only white rice, then use 2liter pepsi-coke-soda containers. Pour the rice into the container about an inch then place a half of a bay leaf into the container; fill the rest of the way then place the other half of the bay leaf at the top and top off with rice. you can also do this with the five gallon buckets but it is recommended that you also place an oxygen absorber into the bucket because of the amount of rice. maylar bags inside the five gallon bucket heat sealed with oxygen absorbers will last years. The bay leaves prevent bugs form forming in the rice and I have had had it stored in 2 liter bottles for over 4yrs now rotating it out now as we go. Never had a bad batch yet. In addition the 2 liter soda bottles allow for an easy application without opening up a whole bunch of rice that has to be consumed soon. also good for a grab and go box.

  45. It’s true it is but I’m not sure if it will blind someone but I guess if there trying to hurt u or maybe kill u than I guess they ask for it but yes it works well and if I’m not sure u can. Buy it at Harbor Freight really cheap per can or by the case hope that helps u out .

  46. Hi,
    I just came onto the site. My husband and I have food storage, water, the basic’s. The problem is this, I have a rare condition called Achalashia. In simple words it means that my escopagus and stomach don’t move so I don’t digest food. My food is either blended or always built around dairy products, milk, almond milk, yogurt, protine powder, in which I put a disolving fiber and then something to make it taste good. Usually a flavor like vanilla, chocolate. The problem is cream of rice, cream of wheat, and occassional angel hair pasta is my food intake. I also need a blender to put this all together. So I have a long stream of problems that come from a very slow motility problem.
    So, do you have suggestions for people with special needs. I have lived like this sinced 2010. I am way past the stage of poor is me…I wanted to share this to see what discussion comes from this. Gloria

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    post is truly fruitful in support of me, keep up posting
    these content.

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    to consider. As far as eating is concerned, you can either take a delicious meal at the
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  49. 11 s gauze and bandages… 16 is guns/fire arms… not the same at all

  50. Don’t package all your food together! If there are stored product pests in any bag it will contaminate everything! I try to freeze things for a couple days then put the food item in its store back inside another freezer ziplock back. This way I don’t cross “bug” any thing accidentally.

  51. Other suggestions: (And I would definitely want these in a bug-out bag, along with a good firearm and ammo).
    1. Tea–antioxidant, nourishment, burns & sunburn, is light-weight
    2. Honey–nutrition, wounds, sweet, lasts forever
    3. Hatchet–sharp, is as good as a knife: butchering, firewood,,shelter, making rudimentary weapons, last ditch defense
    4. Reflective blanket–shelter, body heat retention, rain protection
    5. Fishing gear–suggest line wrapped around Band-Aid can, etc. with hooks, sinkers, flies & lures inside. no rods and reels.
    6. Heavy cord–shelter, anything that needs tying
    7. Vaseline-keep bugs, etc. from wounds, promotes healing, lip and skin protection, emergency lubricant
    8. Baking soda-insect bites, poison ivy & other skin ailments, gastro-intestinal disorders, cooking.
    9. Swiss army knife-a multitude of uses.
    10. Fire starting bar & striker

  52. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.

    Any recommendations?

  53. Anybody else ALONE IN THIS FAMILY WISE? Getting zero support, my husbands main focus is on money, or lack thereof dye to a chronic illness that I have requiring multiple meds. But my kids think I’m nuts too. But carrying on with or without . Is the feeling that this will be a Bug-in situation, we’re in Denver suburbs, pretty packed in, probably impossible to get out in massive riot scenario.if its Bug-in, do we need to be prepared to have wood etc. to board windows, doors. And then what do you do about pet needs, 2 dogs? Anyway to cheaply protect a back yard? Probably not, and my husband most likely would not comply.And he was a 28 yr veteran police detective??? Blindness is amazing. So I need suggestions that will help me prepare while in a hostile, non-supportive atmosphere.
    A side note , in emergencies, women’s period pads are Great absorbers for open wounds, packing wounds. I was a nurse before I was de-railed by chronic illness and stroke, but a stethoscope is always good to have IF someone is injured, or gets respiratory issues, so you can at least hear what is going on. EPI-PENS for all those with deadly reactions to food, bee stings, make sure they are up to date and see if you can get extra. They DO mean the difference between life and death for those people. For the rest, don’t know if it was listed, but Benadryl caplets are good always for minor allergic reactions, general allergies, even mild sedation and sleep. It’s the ingredient they use with Tylenol or Advil for. The sleep products.
    Thanks for Everyone’s input! Keep it coming!

  54. Excellent stuff, Tracy, thx!

  55. You need clothes line and clothes pins, very strudy. Sturdy sew kit for heavy duty work and fish line. This can help with wet clothes, building several lean toos. You need tarps, the bigger the better and tough. You can always size them.

  56. This is a good even with buggging in.

  57. Get a food ricer, or the old fashioned grinder. Blending food to a fine textue is old stuff, just have to find the old cooking tools. a basic masher, could work?

  58. I think that item 14 and my local newspaper are the same.

  59. Apparently we are not reading the same page, cause 11 and 16 are not the same, not even close, quit reading the other people’s comments and read what each of them say (11. Gauze/Bandages, 16. Firearms)

  60. Just a hint, Someone mentioned vaseline and some of its uses, You can also fill a metal bottle cap or lid with vasaline and place a paper match split into a “T” into it and use it as a clean and long burning candle.

  61. There are alot of very important items on these list guys, thanks for putting this out. May I also add one of these small fold-up solar panel type rechargers that you can plug in any cigarette lighter type of appliance or rechargable light. at least you can charge up rechagable batteries or lights during daylight hours when not needed. It would be a good idea to have several changes of these rechargable batteries. Someone mentioned using AA batteries on all items that need them. This is a great idea as they are smaller and alot lighter than heavier D or C batteries. May I also suggest getting medical grade supper glue to close wounds if needed, this stuff is much easier than having to stitch up a wound with no anestetics available. Speaking of stitching up wounds, a small sewing kit is very valuable for stitching wounds and for possibly repairing clothes or even possibly shelter. I try to consider size and weight of all items for survival as I might have to bug out, and all of these items are able to be put in a ruck sack or back pack to bug out with. Hope this helps.

  62. Loose food should be stored in Food Grade buckets with a rubber seal in the lid. Also add an oxygen absorber, vacuum sealing items in bags helps out a lot.

  63. Bleach will also purify water, 16 drops in a gallon of water, then wait for a half hour. Thia should kill 99% of all bugs and bacteria. Filtering the water will take out most of the other contaminants.There are many products out there to purify water. Just use a search engine like Bing or others.

  64. I did not see that anyone had listed bleach you can use bleach to purify water. Also what about powdered eggs, milk, dried cereals, and Tomatoes to go with the pasta and beans. Also spices and seeds for your gardens.

  65. No beer to hoard but bottles of liquor are good items for bartering if you are stuck and bugging out is not an option.
    Someone mentioned this. I don’t drink but I know what to buy at a liquor store.

    There are other items that could be used for bartering…I need to use my imagination as I contemplate this possibility.

    Also, instant grits in water is edible after soaking. I mixed a bowl ready to nuke and then forgot about it. Several hours later the grits had absorbed the water and it was cold but ready to eat. Oatmeal should do the same.


  67. The Patriot Caller

    a lot of survivalists stockpile veterinary antibiotics and medications where reasonably similar products exist

  68. SHAME ON YOU — Chicago Development — for whining because some of the items you see on this Patriot website are stepping on your profits! You had apparently put together a list to SELL in order to realize a profit from the horrific conditions suffered by your fellow man (& women & children) when disaster strikes! And now you have the gall to complain that people might find a way to help themselves on this site, without cost, and not BUY IT FROM YOU! Find a better way to HELP us all out when the riots begin. I hope someone like me would be there to offer you food, drink or first aid and not ask a dime for it. God Bless You.

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  70. Thot it a good reminder that in view of the worlds events we should have something prepared in case war comes locally and our stores shut down. Money is no good if it can’t buy anything. In an emergency everything will fly off the shelves so fast, we will be out of luck. Im going to refill all meds today just in case.

  71. The easiest way to get loved ones involved is by taking family camping trips. Try to convince your family that several affordable shorter vacations spread out over the year is actually good for their mental well being and for the family being able to spend time together “away from it all”. Camping trips are really affordable as a “vacation” and even an overnight trip on a weekend at a site an hour away from home will allow you to build the supplies (and more importantly the skills) to survive. If you look at the list of items to hoard and compare it to a list of items great to have while camping, you will notice that the lists are mostly the same. After a couple of short trips, you should have no problem getting your family to participate in gathering comfort items and a variety of shelf stable supplies usable for camping.

    Bugging In is nothing more than camping in your house.

  72. If you take medications. Try to get a month or so saved up. If you have insurance, sometimes it is hard to get enough saved up. Have your doctor give you prescriptions with 90 days instead of 30. Good luck with this.

  73. If you have a hot tub you’re set for water for awhile. Ours is a 700 gallon model. It doesn’t take much to make it drinkable.

  74. Also. I am an old broken down Marine who depends on narcotics. And the prescriptions for these are pretty well guarded/regulated. Any suggestions?

  75. As far as antibiotic ointment is concerned, I used to use Neosporin. It worked pretty well, but my doctor told me about WalMart’s ” Triple Antibiotic Ointment “. It is half the price for twice the amount, and works about three times as well as Neosporin. I now keep several tubes on hand all the time.

  76. #16 on my list is firearms.

  77. It is NOT a good idea to use soda bottles to store food in! Not only is the plastic toxic but you’ll be inviting and feeding rodents! The rodents can smell the food threw the plastic! The 5 gallon plastic pails solve this problem as the rodents can’t smell it and they are food safe! NEVER,NEVER,NEVER use soda bottles! Use a good plastic like tupperware for small amounts of food instead of soda bottles. Or better yet I use canning jars and seal the tops using just boiled water!

  78. Gloria go to Lehmans.com they have a great hand cranked blender plus other non electric appliances you could use! Hope this helps! I don’t have a medical condition but I eat like you do quite a bit because of not having teeth and can’t have dentures! Check it out you will find what you need there!

  79. Marty you should be able to get 3 months of meds threw the VA hospital. My father and mother both always got 3 months supplies. There are some meds that can be delivered directly to your door step as well. Call the VA and find out what they do in your state. Set up an appointment if you have to there is paperwork of course. If you are a retired USMC there are more benifits at the VA hospital then you may be aware of.

  80. Most of the things on this list are necessary but I’d like to add my two cents. I have bought several hand crank flashlights for me, my family and more importantly for my friends who know somethings going on but don’t quite know what. Not that I “know” but I have always been prepared and I’m not even a Boy or Girl Scout. What I am is a disabled “senior citizen” but even before I became disabled or senior I always made sure there were no surprises. The flashlight is made by Eden Corp I think and it reads American Red Cross on the top. I love it and keep it by my bed and don’t have to worry about having enough batteries which I usually run out of. Now my grandson who is a Boy Scout has his own crank flashlight and I don’t have to worry since he will always have the ability to have light. The best thing to me is that he really loves that flashlight and I think most kids his age – 9 – like stuff like that. I bought it online and I hope this helps.

  81. Kathleen Keainger

    Why only use white rice? Does brown rice spoil faster ?

  82. Try to find a mortar and pestle in glass or ceramic to grind your hard foods. It doesn’t use power and won’t breake down at the worst possibel time.

  83. A couple of items you might find of interest:
    Walmart has a Sterno stove for $5.88 and Christmas Tree Shop has fuel for 69 cents a can (lasts 2n hrs) get 3 and lots of fuel
    Also at Walmart Paintball guns with pepper spray paintballs. Harbor Freight sometimes has Daisy slingshots for under $6
    Ammo is harder to get but ball bearings and glass marbles work. They also have blue plastic tarps cheap.
    I recently found chemical light sticks ($9.99 for 20) at BJ’s. They also have great prices on batteries (also Sam’s Clubs).
    Check out Boscov’s auditorium tent sales lots of interesting stuff cheap.
    I might also suggest shaving supplies, Beards itch like crazy for at least 2 weeks. A mirror is useful for lots of things too.

  84. Just for future readers of this list, when it was first published, #11 and #16 were the same, but it has since been fixed. There are a lot of comments about it, but just skip and read on. 😀

  85. There is a way to stock up somewhat on meds. If you are on insurance, they will allow a 3-4 day advanced filling on an Rx. If you do this every month, that is 30 days and it gives you an additional Rx each year. I do it with all of my meds.

  86. I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out more details.

  87. What antibiotics and general medicines wod you keep in stock?

  88. I have a son who is a paraplegic. I worry about his cathing supplies. It’s quite expensive to purchase his catheters out of pocket. I’m not sure if the insurance company would go for the stockpile idea. It’s one thing I worry about for him. I am glad I have joined this group.

  89. The idea is to help other people and this site is awesome, you sound like a politician, only
    Interested in what you can get out of other people’s concern or fear.

  90. Freezing spices, flour, rice, beans, etc. for 48 hours will usually kill the unwanted protein sources, without opening the containers/packaging. But, you need containers small-enough, or a freezer big-enough to do so. Also, gamma-irradiated meats in sealed containers lasts for about 10 years, and the gamma radiation passes through the meat, killing any living matter (bacteria, etc.) exits the other side and travels on through space, leaving NO radiation in the food. Many of the medical products you use are gamma irradiated.

  91. Gloria, I have or had the same ailment plus……. what worked good for me was ensure plus and block chocolate, lived on this for 13 years along with steak…. if I had one bite of lettuce it would take a quart of water to wash it down, going into my stomach was less than a pencil lead good luck

  92. You can use BayLeaves in all your beans rice flour against bugs

  93. I have a colloidal silver generator I got from The Silver Edge . It solves a lot of problems , kills bacterial , viral infections internally and topically . Get the glass storage bottles on line too and it keeps a LOOOONG time . Costs 39 cents a quart to make . Disinfects everything . I make at least 2 gallons made up . . I consider it indispensable and can be made in a quart sized mason jar in 3 hours

  94. how about clothes,i would suggest 3 changes along new but broken in pair of boots also gloves . oh spare glasses. you have think about general things but also items you use everyday,and can’t live without, like a cane if you are older

  95. George R. Wieszczyk

    There’s a lot to think of. Blink and its all over

  96. If you have been with your doctor for a while then just explain your fears and most likely he will work with you. He knows what is happening in the world and especially the mess with Obama care. You just might be surprised. If it’s a class 1 narcotic then forget it. The government has really made it tought on Doctors when it comes to narcotics.

  97. I would add a large magnifying glass, “camo-colored” tarps, plastic ties, and magnesium fire-starters plus a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of greenback dollars and $100 face of pre-1965 U.S.-minted 90% silver “survival silver” per person in your household. A large roll of mosquito netting wouldn’t be a bad idea either…can be used for both “camo” as well as pest control purposes around your sleeping area, over broken windows, framed pickup beds, etc.

  98. Try to use less meds when you can! I am on these types of meds and in a year of only taking what I really need for pain control, have built up 6 weeks worth of taking every day. This can be streched to at least 2 1/2 months. But I will keep on saving as already it has paid off when the meds were unavailable for nearly two weeks!! I have already replaced these. It can be done you have to put in the effort to do it!

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  102. feminine pads make excellent bandages in a pinch and should be included for us gals anyway Duck tape can be used for many tasks including wrapping wounds, but don’t get the cheap stuff try gorilla tape its very tough and sticky.

  103. Black pepper is antibacterial and stops bleeding, sugar also stops bleeding. Superglue is wonderful to seal wounds [ it was invented for wounds] knee hi hose are great and very strong for tourniquet. Save juice bottles, pickle jars and other air tight containers for rice, beans etc. I go to estate and yard sales and always ask myself how items can be reused. I got solar yard lights from dollar store, they work fairly well indoors in a pinch. You can preserve cheese for shelf life of a yr or so, also eggs. Huge item of importance is EPI pens. and snake bite kits. Yoou never know what may be bugged out with you.

  104. Canned goods are very good and stay good yrs after exp date. I stock up on any canned good on sale. Remember to get manual can openers tho. You dont really have to cook can food. I get stews, veggies, fruits, anything that I dont need to cook or add water to. Chunky soups are great and fairly nutritious. Crackers stay good a long time as well. Snack foods like jerky, fruit rolls nuts and trail mix are good. I buy dry and canned milk, fruits. Anything that doesnt need refrigeration, water or cooking. Paper plates, cups and eating utensils are cheap at dollar store as are baby wipes for hygiene. Im pretty much the only prepper in my family as well and am also female. I will help you anyway I can.

  105. 12 oz. beer at room temp, 3 cups self rising flour, 1/4 cup sugar. Mix all ingredients put in loaf pan and bake @ 350 about 45 min or untill light brown. No kneading or waiting for rising. Best bread recipe ever.I hoard beer

  106. Too true!!!!! People like you are a treasure in tough times. Im a nurse in Tx as well…..

  107. I get antibiotics from vet supply. Its inject-able and I get syringes and needles there as well. My big problem is that I take life saving meds for my heart and thyroid. Statistically speaking, if you have a few months supply on hand, we will probably have to break into a pharmacy and swipe meds. There are some pharmacies online in Canada that will sell to US [ costs more] but they do NOT sell narcotics or controlled substances. So much chaos will be everywhere if there is no 911, police, first responders , stores, hospitals etc. I am very strategically located in the country and I can do most things to survive but I can not make meds. It may well come down to theft. Meds like mine will most likely be left behind in pharmacies because they arent antibiotics or narcotics, not in demand to most people. After 3 months, most people will already either be self sufficient or dead. There is a pretty good series on Netflix called Jericho. Really puts prospective on life without modern conveniences.

  108. I bought a mortar and pestle on Amazon very cheap and its very heavy and awesome. How about drinks like ensure? Liquid vitamins are very good as well, much better digested.

  109. If it is nutrition you must have and are willing to think and eat “out of the box”, take your surplus garden veggies and dehydrate them. Most of them are at least 80% water. ( Makes me roll my eyes when i think about how much TDN we’re actually getting in a load of California tomatoes and the stupid tax we’re paying to haul a load that is mostly water across the U.S.) Once our veggies are dehydrated, the flavor is concentrated, too. My wife then grinds them into powder in our blender. Lightweight NUTRITION that stores for years and can be added to rice and beans for taste. Dehydrating does not denature the vitamins in food like canning does. I can’t imagine trying to bug out and hauling a bunch of canned goods… Don’t want to grind? No prob. A bushel of green beans dehydrated goes in about a quart jar and a half.

  110. H. Guido Meindl

    This is all Well & Good, but you left out the “BOOZE !
    BOOZE calms the nerves and can also be used for Medicinal purposes.

  111. H. Guido Meindl

    This is all Well and Good, but you left out Alcohol aka BOOZE . Alcohol can calm nerves and can also be used for medicinal
    purposes. If Push comes to Shove or worse, I would rather Go Down inebriated than Sober.

  112. The Patriot Caller

    Good point. Booze is an necessity. LOL!

  113. My doctor writes them for a full year, and since I am in prior to the yr is up; I still have 2 months on the other prescription. I have the new one filled, which is submitted to the insurance, then on the one that still has the 2 months left, I buy them out right. This also helps the pharmacy clean out their prescriptions, and I get a 60 day supply of meds on hand for emergencies.

  114. I have chronic pancreatitis and take slow release morphine twice a day, I’m allowed 60 fast acting a month that is one every 12hours for break thru pain, since my pain iswell on tolled on the sr I go ahead and keep couple months of the break thru on hand in case shtf if I can’t te my slow release I can make it by taking the other in small doses more often. I make sure to use the older fast acting when I am having flair ups and have more pain. Lots of folks have this condition, it’s more painful than having a baby, most likely the shtf will hit before we get this retardout of office. Stock up people, id also include flour, powdered milk, dryed egg powder, canned meat, tuna fish, hydrogen peroxide can do multi duty besides wound cleaning, mix half and half with water, put in a spay bottle with a squirt of dsh soap and you now have a great kitchen and bathroom cleaner, i,use it as laundry,spray too, gets greasy,stains out easy. Big packs of cheap wash cloths in white can be used in place of toilet paper if you run out, just put in a diaper pail with some bleach to soak until,you launder them. I have clothes line rope and clothes pins because we may be hand washing for a time. Seriously think about what you need to sustain you and your family and please have the means of protecting your stuff and family from thugs who didn’t prepare. Check out websites that show you how to make heaters and cooking stoves, your going to need both.

  115. Ralphmax, Lanita, Thanks for mentioning the Colloidal Silver, it’s the first time I seen it mentioned in the several years I’ve been a prepper! Why not Colloidal Silver, are there any downfalls of it? It also works on slight food poisoning and inflammation as well.
    It was originally used to clean/prep fruit & vegetables, get it free in Mexico.

  116. Vodka (can be used to deodorize clothing and sleeping places, also to clean wounds, and also as a barter item…same can be said for whisky);

    Lots of plastic ties (can be used to tie down tarps, tents, and for a host of other purposes).

    Small manually- operational hand tools (like knives, saws, hatchets, awls, axes, pliers, etc.)

    Clean plastic water bottles (put muddied water in the water bottle, set it in the sun for a few hours, and the solids gather at the bottom and leaves drinkable water on the top if you use a few drops of bleach or a silver coin or two tor purification purposes)

  117. If you plan on using the Coleman Stove or Lantern’s that run on propane you should get at least a dozen of the fat 1lb , I think, canisters to use for the fuel. Also the 20 lb. tank that you use for your outdoor grill and the adaptor and tree that will let you hook several of the Coleman devices together. Now they also sell an adaptor that will let you fill these small canisters of propane from the 20 lb. tank. I have several of them and have been using them for over 20 years so that should tell you what I think of them.

  118. Maloosha- 4 get the paper, cups and plastic. Get a camping mess kit like the boy scouts use. It’s small, has a frying pan / with handle, the top is what u put your grub in to eat out of, small pot has a wire handle / with lid, and a 8oz. cup. All items nest
    inside each other. The handle swings around to clamp it all together. Weighs a pound, if that much. I was a scout,
    and I still have mine. Oh, almost 4got, ur top of the line silverware, ( lol) will also nest together, spoon (bottom)
    fork (next) knife (top). Both kits are made of aluminum and are in protective sleeves, get 1 for each person.

  119. this was so informative. I have my list and will begin my survival supply.

  120. Where do you get the gamma radiated meat? Is there any way you can irradiate meat and vegies yourself?

  121. I would recommend white gas stove and lanterns. White gas stores much more energy in a much smaller area . WG does take more care to safely use indoors and should never be fueled indoors or the fuel stored in the house. This would not be good for apartment dwellers..

  122. I noticed that nobody mentioned Arnica for your medical supplies. I have several tubes of it in strategic spots in the house, my purse, and BOB. I call it the amazing all purpose smash and bash med, and have used it for 20 years on everything from sprained ankles to gunshot wounds. It works by speeding up the rate at which your body removes the by products of tissue trauma, which relieves pain, swelling, and bruising. It can be applied around an open wound to accelerate healing and reduce pain. The faster you get it on the injury, the better it works.

  123. What is some advice to get my elderly family members on board with prepping. They are from the “Greatest Generation” but are very comfortable with their modern routine and started chatting to strangers about my prep activities. Feeling betrayed by blood. Don’t want them to be my weak links.

  124. Hoarding Vs. Stockpiling. Hoarding has negative connotations. Hoarding is grabbing as many items or commodities as you can when they are scarce or in short supply. (To hell with everyone else). Stockpiling is gradually buying items at the same price and availability offered to the general public. If I stockpile food now and a crisis occurs I am not competition for my neighbors. I am already taken care of and there is that much more available for everyone else.

  125. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

  126. i know about this. I have no guns either and have no interest in having to join a gun club in order to have them.. I think no one has anything to say to me about what I would have or not have. So here I sit unable to defend myself except for knives.Those are a little up close and personal.

  127. Hi Frieda, you might want to check into mace, pepper spray, or tasers for self-defense if firearms aren’t an option for you. If you live in the US, a pump shotgun requires minimal training or accuracy to operate effectively.

  128. How about a cross bow which they also have in “pistol” form or a good ole sling shot, just sayin

  129. What is Arnica and where do you get it ? Please tell me more! !

  130. Your absolutely right about that. If you go to a pain clinic DO NOT MENTION this to you Doctor. I did and it was a big mistake. The threated to have me arrested and or kicked out of the pain clinic. The less you tell them about your business the better you are. It even recommends you keep a least a month supply in a Managing your pain book. They treated me like I was a drug dealer or drug abuser. If at all possible stay away from these type of pain clinics. They will ruin you life. Keep recommending you take more and more. Until you can’t function with life without them. I finally stopped going and learned to live with the pain, instead of walking around like a ZOMBIE.

  131. Don’t forget the PARACORD! You’ll find and invent new ways to use it.

  132. There are so many comments, I just don’t have the time to read them all, so I hope this isn’t a repeat: Right next to our food storage shelves, we keep grocery bags, doubled. (the kind you carry your groceries home in from the store). We keep several stashes of them in case we ever need to evacuate quickly, we could just grab some bags, fill them with what we could carry, and be on our way. We already have it arranged so we would grab things in the best order: (in cans) – grab a variety of vegetables and fruits, canned beans, canned meats, and GET OUT if that is all we have time for. We keep eating utensils and can opener, bowls, plates, in our van. Also, our little cooking stove would easily slip into a bag and we have it bundled with the solid fuel tablets, all ready to go. I think keeping the bags there is very important so you’re not scrambling when you have to get out quickly.

  133. “CRAYONS!!!” They can be used as candles. Stand one up straight up light it and you have yourself a candle. Burns slower than you think it does.

  134. I found Food Grade buckets at Lowe’s. I put dog food in them and never had a problem as long as I remembered to rotate properly!

  135. It isn’t a good idea to iradiate your food as it destroys the nutrients and kills the good bacteria that help your body digest it.

  136. Bleach and chlorine will stop Your thyroids from working or cause turmors.Organic Lenon oil is best to purify water. I know, I’ve been there. Radation will also stop Your thyroids from working. You need to keep kelp or iodine on hand as well.

  137. One thing I don’t see mentioned very often for a BOB is a GOOD paperback book on the wild edibles for your area. It needs to have pictures of the plant as well as any poisonous “look-alikes”. You also need a tin can rocket stove (which you can store your fire starter stuff in & the advantage to this stove is that is takes very little fuel to burn), a first aid book and a pocket notebook with notes (in ziplock bags of course) on anything you won’t be able to recall easily such as how to prepare cattails, pine needle tea or acorns to eat, along with a recipe for Bannock Bread (cooked over a fire as strips wrapped around a stick), how to make a Dakota fire hole (hidden fire – it helps make it harder for marauders to find you and still be able to cook), etc. Also, do a search on how to cook meals in freezer bags – no cleanup required and they are lightweight to carry and easy to store (store them in a ziplock and toss the box). (Hint: you can make cheap minute rice by dehydrating cooked rice). Throw in a couple of decks of $1 store cards too. Lip balm can be used along with cotton balls as a fire starter. For those in an apartment setting – go to your favorite thrift store and pick up a cheap fondue pot – it would enable you to at least warm up some tea or soup and bulk tea light candles from the craft store are really cheap. Also look up how to make an oil lamp from an empty tuna can. You can use any veg oil but I had trouble using anything but olive oil. Make a wick for it with 100% cotton webbing from the fabric store – it cost about $1 per yard vs. $3 to $8 per foot when bought as a packaged oil lantern wick. I also recommend Sawyer water filters. They are guaranteed for 1 MILLION GALLONS and for about $58 you can get a universal kit that can be used to convert a 5-gal bucket or hook up to pouches, etc. I bought my first one as a large water bottle for $37 (from Walmart online). When looking for good prepper ideas don’t forget to check out the camping enthusiasts sites – they are VERY helpful. Happy prepping all !

  138. Start by buying things that you will use NOW. I found a food dehydrator in a yard sale for $10, then we added more trays to it as we used it more. I bought a vacuum sealer at a thrift store (valued at $130) for $10. We buy closeout food from the bulk bargains type grocery store and repackage them. Pickles and fruit can be water bath canned and the equipment for doing that is pretty cheap. Also consider buying big bulk (restaurant pack) cans of items like olives and canning them in jars. The food in cans doesn’t go “bad” nearly as soon as the code dates show – THE CANS BEGIN TO DETERIORATE, which makes the food taste funny. So – if you re-can them in jars they will keep for several years longer. Just remember – ALL vegetables and meats should be pressure canned (Buy bulk and can them – freezers will “burn” them after only a few months and canned food doesn’t need refrigeration). Don’t be afraid of pressure canners – the new ones all come with a lock release that keeps them from “exploding”. If you can afford one they are INVALUABLE. At the food closeout place we go to I can get 2-pound trays of restaurant pack sliced onions for 50 cents each. Great for drying – no prep work at all ! You can either put them in mylar bags (save the ones that potato chips etc. come in – you can reseal them with a normal iron) or we just put them in jars (you can get a vacuum sealer attachment for jars too). Show how the things you are doing will SAVE money overall and you family will be more supportive. For instance, look up on YouTube how to make laundry soap the old fashioned way – you can make gallons of it for about $5-$8 and it is environmentally safer and can be made with Ivory soap if you have allergies. Use coconut oil and olive oil for face creams ( my husband came up with a great one using coconut oil and vitamin E oil). Get a mindset to buy products with more than one use like hydrogen peroxide, honey, alcohol, Witch Hazel, baking soda and coconut oil. Start with your $1 store. Just ‘baby-step” your way along and you will be fine and gain your families interest at the same time.

  139. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  140. Used to have a friend named J.C. Harden, Milton ,Fl. USN 1971

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